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Sylvanian Families 5704 Pony’s Vanity Dresser Set

The Pony’s Vanity Dresser Set is a hair accessory set including Joy the Pony girl with a compact mirror and

Sylvanian Families 5695 Penguin Driving and Play Set – Dollhouse Play Set

The Sylvanian Families penguin twins Pearl and Rocky are real racers. They love driving around in their small car. Pearl,

Sylvanian Families 5693 Reindeer Twins – Dollhouse Playsets

*Reindeer twins includes twin figures and a sleigh pushcart for them to ride in. Their antlers may not be as

Sylvanian Families 5697 Fennec Fox Twins – Dollhouse Playsets

*Set featuring the Fennec Fox twins, known far and wide for their big, pointy ears. Includes Fennec Fox twins and

SF 5458 Persian Cat Triplets

Meet the Sylvanian Families Persian Cat Triplets, pack includes Blair, Blake and Brianna.Blair Persian is mischievous and likes to pull

SF 5436 Baby Nursery Set

The Baby Nursery Set is a perfect furniture set to add to your Sylvanian Families house. The set comes with

SF 5696 Fennec Fox Family

The Sylvanian Families desert fox family Fennec is very skilled in handling sand. Desert fox father Ronald Fennec is a

SF 5393 Sweet Raspberry Home

The Sweet Raspberry Home is a one-storey house with an amazing entrance terrace and red roof. It comes with Creme,

SF 5085 Chihuahua Dog Twins

Sylvanian Families 5085 Chihuahua Dog Twins, 3+

SF 5303 Red Roof Cosy Cottage

Sylvanian Families Red Roof Cosy Cottage is the perfect choice for those starting out with Sylvanian Families! This all-in-one set

SF 5451 Lakeside Lodge

Sylvanian Families Lakeside Lodge comes with furniture and accessories. Have your figures cook at the wood-burning stove, eat at the

SF 5454 Family Campervan

Sylvanian Families Family Campervan seats up to seven. Enjoy cooking, barbecue, cycling, fishing, and other fun camping activities!Two adult figures,

SF 5450 Adventure Tree House

Sylvanian Families Adventure Tree House's rope swing can go up and down and work as a lift. Place the log ride