4M Magnetic Intruder Alarm

Don’t let anyone sneak into your room undetected! Build your own Intruder Alarm to keep out those pesky brothers &

4M Mould & Paint Puppy Dogs

Mould, paint and design your own 3D puppy dogs!Make a puppy dog that looks just like your very own puppy!

4M Crystal Growing Outer Space Crystal Terrarium

Grow your own crystals and make an awesome outer space terrarium!Grow 4 outer space crystals and decorate your terrarium with

4M Green Science Magic Water Tap

Build this stunning water tap that magically makes a non-stop stream of water. It pumps out water like a normal

4M Disney Frozen Kaleidoscope Making Kit

Make your own magical Frozen Kaleidoscope!Use unique objects to create dazzling patterns.Make a 25 cm long Snowflake Kaleidoscope and and

4M STEAM Space Exploration Kit

Enjoy this large Space Exploration STEAM kit.Build and paint your own solar system planetarium model; construct a space projector and

4M Green Science Paper Making Kit

Learn to recycle old paper and make your own handmade art! Have unlimited fun recycling used paper and make environmentally

4M Green Science Salt Water Powered Robot

A great kit to build and play with! Build the robot and then use salt water to make the robot

4M Unicorn Crystal Terrarium

Grow your own Crystal and make a magical unicorn wonderland. The kit contains white crystal compound, red colourant, a 5cm

4M Dinosaur Crystal Terrarium

Grow your own crystals and make an awesome dinosaur & crystal terrarium! Includes 4 crystal growing compounds and 3 dinosaurs,

4M KidzLabs Flashing Emergency Light

Build this cool emergency light from the pieces in the box.Learn about basic circuits and how the motorised reflector makes

4M KidsLabs Traffic Control Light

Build your very own traffic light set.Once built you can change the lights from auto to manual and watch as

4M Kidzlabs Giant Magnetic Compass

Discover the magnetic power of the earth with the Giant Magnetic Compass kit. Construct a giant compass which is 30cm

4M STEAM Deluxe Kitchen Science

Perform amazing experiments with everyday materials – a fun kit filled with inspiration! The kit contains over 30 specially designed kitchen

TRex Dinosaur DNA

*Note* item is slightly different to picture, this kit contains Tyrannosaurus Rex Dinosaur! Become a palaeontologist and dino geneticist! Dig up

4M Robotix Spider Robot

Spider Robot scuttles up and down its string, like a real spider on silk thread. Scary! It cleverly changes direction

4M KidzLabs Robotix Motorised Robot Hand

Teach kids the wonders of robotics and anatomy with this ultra-cool robotic hand! Kids can make the robotic hand tap

4M Kidz Robotix Motorised Robotic Arm

This brilliant robotic arm moves up and down and opens and closes the jaws of the gripper. Build the arm then

4M KidzLabs Mega Hydraulic Arm Kit

Discover the amazing science behind hydraulic power! Water is all you need to power this multi-axis robot!Contains 4 Handles, 1

4M KidzLabs Green Rocket Kit

Made from trash, powered by green energy. Enjoy blasting rocket fun by recycling two drink bottles and a few old

4M Stegosaurus Dinosaur DNA

Become a palaeontologist and dino geneticist! Dig up a glow-in-the-dark dinosaur skeleton. Collect its DNA and rebuild a life-sized dinosuar

4M KidzLabs Science Magic Tricks

Have fun amazing your friends and family with the Science Magic kit. Perform a variety of magic tricks using everyday

4M 3D Solar System Mobile Making Kit

Explore the Solar system from the comfort of your own bedroom or classroom with this spectacular cosmic mobile. Assemble and

4M KidzLabs Hologram Projector

Learn the theory behind the magical 3D hologram and impress your friends with the 3D images. Observe 3D images come

4M Crystal Growing Kit

Grow your own sparkling crystal in the container provided. It's a fun sparkling chemistry experiment Ages 10+