Galt Horrible Science Ugly Bugs

Mould a slimy slug, make a bouncing flea, build a giant stag beetle and check out a creepy cockroach in

Galt Cosmic Coding

A fun board game designed to introduce children to coding. No prior coding knowledge is necessary The game has been

Galt Creative Templates Safari Animals

8 lifelike animal shapes with raised details and features, perfect for crayon rubbingsIncludes everything you need to create pictures, outlines,

Galt Brilliant Hair Bands

Make 8 cool hair braids by plaiting together colourful fabric strips with flowers and beads. Great activity for parties, sleepovers

Galt Baby Puzzles Fruit and Veg 2pcs

22 fresh, fun and colourful puzzles to develop recognition of different fruits and vegetables Each 2-piece puzzle features a cute

Galt Picture Dominoes

Based on the Galt classic, picture dominoes contains 28 colourful card dominoes Helps develop picture recognition and matching skills For

Galt Four Puzzles in a Box Woodland

Galt 4 Puzzles in A Box with fun woodland animals. Puzzles have different numbers of pieces to encourage the development

Galt Farm Four Puzzles In A Box

4 colourful puzzles, each with a different number of pieces to encourage development of matching and sorting skills. Four puzzles

Galt Super Marble Run

Galt's exciting Super Marble Run is super fun for the whole family. Kids will enjoy creating and re-creating fascinating marble

Galt Water Magic Vehicles

6 reusable pictures on thick board to colour with water pen. Fill the pen with water and use to reveal

Galt Size Sorting Puzzle 6x3pcs

This pack features 6 three-piece size sorting puzzles that are fun and great for encouraging the children to sort by

Galt Paint a Tea Set

Paint a miniature tea set with colourful ceramic paints. Follow the design on the box to create your own unique

Galt Fun Buttons

Set of 40 colourful buttons for many different activities. 10 each of 4 different colours with 5 different hold patterns

Galt First Knitting

Create a knitted bag, cute purse and fun pompom scarf using the French knitter, knitting needles and pompom tool. Learn

Galt Cotton Reels

Set of 20 cotton reels in 4 bright colours plus a chunky threading cord. Ideal for threading and stacking to

Galt Number Puzzles

10 colourful 3 piece puzzles to develop early counting skills and number recognition. Each puzzle features a large number, the

Galt Marble Run

Pack contains 24 brightly coloured pieces in 4 different shapes to slot together into a marble run. Six marbles are