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Hape Stacking Music Set

Make wonderful music and explore melody and rhythm with this innovative set. Children can stack the differently sized blocks in

Hape Musical Cloud Light

Help your little ones drift peacefully off to sleep with this wonderful musical cloud light. Features three hanging raindrops which

Hape Mini Band Set

Start making your own music with this beginner’s instrument set! Learn to play the ukulele, tambourine, clapper, rattle and rainmaker

Hape Watering Can Green

Measures 21.5 H x 12.5 W x 14.5cm D. Ages 3yrs+

Hape Remote Control Train

Use a mobile phone to drive this clever little train forward, back or to a stop. It comes with a

Hape Dynamic Construction Puzzle 7pcs

A classic puzzle with a fun twist, children will love this Dynamic Construction Puzzle and its spinning extra dimension.

Hape Portable Baby Gym

Keep baby enteretained on this soft mat no matter where you go. This portable baby gym features a hanging apple,

Hape Cargo Delivery Loop

People are waiting for their cargo! Use the magnetic crane to load containers onto the train. Then press the button

Hape All-In-1 Kitchen

Includes 1 x Sink, 1 x Oven, 1 x Storage Cupboards, 1 x Microwave, 1 x Coffee Maker, 1 x

Hape Quadrilla Double-Sided Spiral Twist Expansion

Expansion Kit for Quadrilla Marble Runs 18pc

Hape Quadrilla Super Spirals 129pc Wooden Marble Run

Wooden marble run 129 pcs includes 50 glass marbles and 79 wooden pieces. Ages 4 – 99 years. Fantastic STEAM

Hape Jungle Journey Train 6pc

Rumble through the jungle on a rail adventure with three wonderfully wild jungle buddies! Children will experiment with manipulation and

Hape Grow with me Rocking Horse Wooden

Giddy’up!  This clever rocking horse adjusts to suit your growing child’s needs.  The guard rail can be removed and the

Hape Large Boom Crane

Rotate the button on this boom crane to release its magnetic hoist line and pick up cargo! The crane's lifting

Hape Railway Play Table

This sturdy little table is the perfect surface for railway play. Set up your track around the jungle scenery and

Hape Walk-A-Long Crocodile

This brightly coloured crocodile will encourage any toddler to walk. Made from maple and rubberwoods. Measures 18 H x 22

Hape Grand City Station 45pcs

All aboard! This two-level station kit lets you experience all the thrills of a big city railway. Make your passenger

Hape Farmyard Sound Puzzle 7pc

Solve the farmyard sound puzzle by matching the farm animal pieces by colour, shape and sound to create your own

Hape Brave Little Engine

This colorful engine has a powerful motor that helps it to climb hills and ramps. The on/off button on top

Hape Master Workbench 35pc

Ideal for young builders with big ideas. Three-level unit with counter surface and rack to hang tools. Made from solid

Hape Rattle & Teether Collection 3pk

Made from a safe, rice-based material, this collection of sensory toys helps babies take their first exploratory steps. Designed to

Hape Red Ukulele

Play your favorite songs with this adorable red ukulele. It’s fully tunable and has nylon strings – perfect for budding

Hape Triple Tunnel Wooden Train Accessories

Three tunnels of different sizes mix up existing railways with added variety. Discovering height, width and length of trains will

Hape Big Engine Shed

After a long day chugging and whistling along, give your train engines a break. By placing trains in the shed

Hape Wooden Fresh Fruit

An apple a day is just one way to play.   Imagination & Creativity: Encourages imitative and imaginary play; promotes