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LEGO Ideas 10282 Adidas Originals Superstar


Galileo Thermometer 44cm

This beautiful sealed glass container contains 10 colourful, carefully weighted balls of hand-blown glass. In liquid, each globe with the

Planet Finska Premium Bocce Carry Crate

Our BIG beautiful Bocce is a must have in your outdoor games collection or next memorable picnic with friends and

LEGO 31203 World Map

$399.99 Ever wanted to create your own map? Now you can with this huge LEGO® Art World Map (31203)

Scalextric Bathurst Legends New November 2020

The Bathurst 1000 has seen some, if not all, of the greatest touring cars to ever race. The 620 mile

Planet Finska 3 Puzzles in a Wooden Box

This set of 3 larger hardwood puzzles includes the Snake Cube, the Soma Cube, and the Burr Puzzle.  All are packed

Planet Finska Linkki Giant Four In A Row

Crafted from beautiful linden plywood,  linkki has a clear varnish finish and will provide hours of fun for young and

Planet Finska 5 Puzzles in 1 Tricky Box

This set of 5 quality hardwood puzzles includes the Snake Cube, the Soma Cube, the Star Puzzle, the Diamond Cube

Planet Finska Snakes & Ladders

Originating in India, Snakes and Ladders is a long standing family favourite.   This compact travel set for four players is

Planet Finska Retro Blue Wooden Game

Finska Blue is crafted from eco-friendly birch, a hardwood known for its shock resistant qualities.  Finska Blue uses the same select

Planet Finska Hookey with Black Rings

Who doesn't remember the old hookey board hanging on the verandah or nailed to the wall of the backyard dunny?  

Planet Finska Tangram vs Tangram Puzzle Racing

Race against opponents or test your wit solo in these classic versatile brain teasers. Choose your card and race your

Planet Finska Boules In Wooden Crate

Six boules in a handy carry crate. This original set of boules comes in a handy hardwood carry crate and

Sudoku Wooden Puzzle with Red/White Pegs

Sudoku is a well known number game. Simple logic is all that's required to solve a sudoku puzzle. The game

Gravity Wooden Magnetic Puzzle

Gravity  NEW and very interesting. centres are held together with magnets.  Object: To mix up then rearrange all sides back into

Soccer Ball Wooden Puzzle 6pc

The Soccer Balls have a centre sliding block and, once reassembled, the ball stays locked together. Object: Dismantle and Reassemble

Patience Metal/Chrome Puzzle

A classic puzzle, also known as Chinese Ring Bar. Remove and replace the shuttle. The original one had 6 nail

Pig "Miss Piggy" Wooden Puzzle 13pc

Dismantle this wooden pig. Miss Piggy has 13 interlocking pieces that stay locked together once reassembled. Object: Dismantle & Reassemble. Level:

Hide the Red Stone Wooden Puzzle

Can you place the Red Stone (Block) into the box? using all the other blocks as well. Once completed you

Lucky 13 Wooden Puzzle

A very interesting Burr puzzle with a side of 3, 4, and 6 blocks. Another collector's puzzle. VERY HARD  Object:

Square 2 Double Layer Wooden Puzzle 12pc

If you thought the one layer was easy, then try this double layer puzzle! – over 2000 different ways to

Square 1 Wooden Puzzling Puzzle 13pc

There are many different combinations for this puzzle – all are right but just finding one is hard! One Layer.

Bermuda Triangle Wooden Puzzling Puzzle

Object: Reassemble the 7 blocks back into box. Level 6 Level difficulty codes= 1(easy) to 10(hard). All puzzles have instructions

Crazy Four* Wooden Puzzle

Puzzle 1. Arrange the dice so that you have 4 different colours on the top, 4 different colours on each

Ship Wooden Puzzle Medium 16pc

Dismantle this wooden Ship*. This Ship puzzle has 16 pieces that stay locked together once reassembled.  Object: Dismantle and Reassemble. Level: