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Hide the Red Stone Wooden Puzzle

Can you place the Red Stone (Block) into the box? using all the other blocks as well. Once completed you

Lucky 13 Wooden Puzzle

A very interesting Burr puzzle with a side of 3, 4, and 6 blocks. Another collector's puzzle. VERY HARD  Object:

Square 2 Double Layer Wooden Puzzle 12pc

If you thought the one layer was easy, then try this double layer puzzle! – over 2000 different ways to

Square 1 Wooden Puzzling Puzzle 13pc

There are many different combinations for this puzzle – all are right but just finding one is hard! One Layer.

Bermuda Triangle Wooden Puzzling Puzzle

Object: Reassemble the 7 blocks back into box. Level 6 Level difficulty codes= 1(easy) to 10(hard). All puzzles have instructions

Crazy Four* Wooden Puzzle

Puzzle 1. Arrange the dice so that you have 4 different colours on the top, 4 different colours on each

Ship Wooden Puzzle Medium 16pc

Dismantle this wooden Ship*. This Ship puzzle has 16 pieces that stay locked together once reassembled.  Object: Dismantle and Reassemble. Level:

Star Burst Wooden Puzzle

24 blocks make up this 6-sided Star puzzle. A nice HARD collectors puzzle. Object: Dismantle and reassemble. Level: 7 Level

Golf Box Wooden Puzzle

Golf Box* is one of our favourites- It sounds easy and every one  thinks….. "I can do that!', But many combinations of nearly's and

Hole In One Wooden Puzzle Escape to Freedom

Escape to Freedom – Golf Course, also known as "Khun Phaen ". The aim is to slide the golf ball

Plane Wooden Puzzle Small 10pc

Dismantle this wooden plane*. Available in small size only. This plane puzzle has 10 pieces that stay locked together once reassembled. 

IS Raindrop Weather Station

RAINDROPWEATHER STATION A TRADITIONAL WAY TO FORECAST THE WEATHER    Once used by seafarers to predict oncoming storms, this historical

Travel Ludo by Planet Finska

Ludo dates back to the 6th Century in India where the game was known as Pachisi. Race your four pegs

Travel Reversal By Planet Finska

This addictive game of strategy is simple to learn and an excellent brain teaser. It dates back to  the 18th Century

Planet Finska Travel Chinese Checkers

This family classic was surprisingly not invented in China. This form of the game originated in Germany in 1892 as

Dal Rossi Mahjong Mahogany 30cm

This Mahjong set contains 148 cream/ivory-coloured tiles which includes 4 that are blank. Each tile measures 28mm x 21mm x

Dal Rossi Backgammon Leather Green Case 38cm

Dal Rossi Backgammon 15″/38cm Leather with Green Felt  Backgammon is a game for two players, played on a board consisting

Dal Rossi Backgammon Walnut 38cm

Dal Rossi Backgammon, Walnut with Handle, 15"/38cm

Dal Rossi Chess/Checkers Set with Draws Walnut 38cm

The Dal Rossi Italy collection features some of the worlds top quality chess, backgammon and gaming pieces. Enter the world of

Dal Rossi Chess Set Walnut 30cm

The Dal Rossi Italy collection features some of the worlds top quality chess, backgammon and gaming pieces. Enter the world

Dal Rossi Chess Set Inlaid Folding Walnut Board 38cm

The Dal Rossi Italy collection features some of the worlds top quality chess, backgammon and gaming pieces. Enter the world of

Planet Finska Mikado Pick Up Sticks

When was the last time you played pick up sticks?  Originating in Europe, the highest scoring stick was named the

Planet Finska Beachshack 6 Stump Cricket

For those who thought beach cricket sets were only ever made from plastic, think again. The design team here at

Hornby Flying Scotsman

HORNBY FLYING SCOTSMAN The LNER Class A1 4-6-2 locomotive and classic teak coaches in this set is a stylised representation

Hornby Western Rover Gauge Train Set

HORNBY WESTERN ROVER For so long the lifeblood of the rural economy, Britain's sleepy rural branch lines and light railways