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Atomic Slime Lab

IS Atomic Slime Lab

Five times the fun in one kit! Make your own Atomic Brain balls and Super slimy shake slime. Includes everything

Chemistry Set C1000 30pc

Enroll in CHEM C1000 and prepare for a lifetime of fascination with this essential science through 125 diverse experiments. Start
Glow in the Dark Science

Glow in the Dark Science

<!– –><!– –>   Glow in the Dark Science is the fun-filled kit that allows you to create amazing luminous

Science4you Slime Factory STEM Kit

Create amazing slimes that glow in the dark! Make a fun jumping ball that glows in the dark!

Science4you Sparkling Slime 14 STEM Experiments

Make yucky sparkling slime and fun coloured worms! Make fantastic yucky monsters and home-made play dough! Find out how to: