Flying Model Toy AG Husky

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 The Freeflight series are just massive fun for all ages, they are ultra fast and simple to assemble as you would expect and quality is top notch, unlike the kind of kits you may have played with as a kid, these brilliant models utilize modern manufacturing techniques making them very durable, not to mention excellent performers.

This great looking AG Husky not only looks the part, it flies equally well! There are control surface tabs for adjustment and this of course is the real fun of Freeflight, trimming the model to achieve circuits and maybe even a half decent landing when you get it really sussed! If you are thinking you might get tired of winding up the rubber band with your chubby digits, never fear, we even have a battery powered winder with a built in counter (see related products) so no excuses!

Brilliant cheap fun for both adults and kids, the Freeflight series is a great way to have fun with friends and family in the local park, at picnics or even at your airfield!


Wingspan: 293mm

Length: 240mm

Power: Rubber Band

Construction: Foam/Plastic