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Jack In The Box Musical Clown is a wonderful traditional tin toy which has been around since the 1700’s. This version, like all classic Jack In The Boxes, plays ‘Pop Goes The Weasel’ as the little handle is turned. When the song reaches ‘Pop goes the Weasel’ the tin boxes lid flies open and the soft cloth Clown pops out. A fantastic toy that little ones never seem to tire of.

This toy has a very easy mechanism to operate and the Clown pushes back into the box without a struggle, so small children will be able to reset it.

Jack in the box was created by a German clockmaker in early 1500’s. It was a gift to a prince whose son was celebrating his fifth birthday and it soon became a toy for the nobles.

But it was only in the 1700’s that Jack-In-The-Box became a common toy to people of all ages. By mid 1800’s, toymakers from Germany and America started to manufacture Jack-In-The-Box and it quickly became a favourite toy in Victorian nurseries.

For TUSIC, Jack-In-The-Box is not only a lovely toy for children but also for people who simply love them. Each of the Jack-In-The-Box from TUSIC are made in the traditional way, requiring the concentration, dedication and unsurpassed skills from the designers, engineers and craftsmen.