Zuru Robo Alive Assorted Turtle Fish

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Get Your Hands on The Most Lifelike Clownfish, Anglefish And Turtle Yet!

Micro-robotic technology delivers enhanced, realistic swimming movements

Clownfish & Angler Monster Features:
• 3 colour assortments
• 100% waterproof
• Water-activated, 5 swimming directions, up, down, left, right and forwards
• Robo-advance power save mode, meaning they automatically switch off after 4 minutes in water and re-awake once dried and placed back in water

Turtle Functionality & Features
• Duel functioning: Walk on land and swims on water
• Two realistic colour assortments
• Micro-robotic technology, multiple swimming speeds
• Water Activated + Power save Modern Brands Comes loaded with 2 XLR44 batteries included