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Sensory Genius Stretchy Strings

The Sensory Genius collection allows busy hands to be productively active so the mind can focus. When you’re tied up

Schylling Atomic Nee-Doh

Atomic Nee Doh is breaking the boundaries of fidget balls…it’s totally out of this world! Just give it a squeeze,

Mobi Zippee Sensory Toy

Zippee is a silicone activity toy perfect for children 6 months and above. Little fingers can’t resist Zippee’s flexible, textured

Fat Brain Wobble Run

Ages 1yr+ Watch it wobble around and around! Three uniquely textured tracks slide onto the tower in any order you

Fat Brain Suction Kupz

Suitable for ages 1yr+ Stack, roll, stick, and sip! Each of these six colorful, squishy cups features a suction cup

Fat Brain Pop & Slide Shelly

Ages 10mths+ Slide, pop, and learn with this happy playtime turtle! Covering its shell are seven vibrant hexagons in four

Fat Brain Dimpl Duo

Suitable for ages 1yr+ Textures, colors, shapes, and words! On one side, each silicone button is embossed with a different

Helix Metal Spring Toy (Slinky)

Generations of children and adults have loved playing with Slinky. This classic metal spring toy walks downstairs, alone or in

Sensory Mats Set of 4 Mats

Four different sensory mats, perfect for children or adults with sensory needs! These mats can be placed on the floor and

Giant Brain Stress Ball

Soft Squishy 5” Squishy Brain Stressball. Filled with red fluffy foam, this realistic sized brain will sooth your most stressful

Giant Stress Bead Ball

Soft Squishy 5” Bead Ball Stress ball Filled with water beads, squeeze it and the beads glide through your fingers

Giant Stress Dice

Soft Squishy 5” Squishy Giant Dice Stress Reliever. This soft squishy giant die is perfect for squeezing or rolling your

Giant Stress Ball

Soft Squishy 5” Stress Ball Wow! What a relief! Just squeeze and knead this giant stress ball to experience true

Squigz Sensory Suction Cap Toys

Children of all ages will love Squigz – even the grown up ones! Squigz are innovative construction pieces that connect

Zuru Fidget Cube

The original Fidget Cube by Anstey Labs. Built for those restless souls, the Zuru Fidget Cube comes with a multitude

Schylling Snow Ball Crunch

Feels like CRUNCHING through fresh snow! The Crunchy Stress Ball! (each sold separately) Ages 3+ Measures 5.71cm (diameter)

Schylling Nee-Doh Groovy Fruit

You’ll go ‘bananas’ – and strawberries and oranges – for Nee-doh Groovy Fruit from Schylling! The fruits feature different textures to

IS Pop It (Asst shapes)

 Perfect for sensory play. Push and pop the bubbles as many times as you want –  it's like re-useable bubble

Unicorn Pop it

Perfect for sensory play. Push and pop the bubbles as many times as you want –  it's like re-useable bubble