Manhattan Whoozit Water Mat

An interactive water mat that helps make use of tummy time with babies occupied trying to touch the floating foam

Sensory Spinners Aussie Animals

Send little ones into a twirly spin with Sensory Spinners – Aussie Animals — an engaging three piece sensory toy

Schylling Cool Cats Nee Doh

The Cool Cats Nee-Doh is a colourful stress ball that’ll help you knead your stress away! It’s super-flexible and filled

Icosa Atomic Fidget Ball

Twist and turn your way to a multitude of patterns with this amazing puzzle ball. Can you arrange the atoms

Fat Brain Tinker Rings

Built into each textured ring are magnets, arranged just right so that, no matter which sides are facing up, they’ll

Fat Brain Explore & Discover Blocks

A beautifully open-ended adventure for the senses! Arranged neatly inside the wooden storage tray are 12 vibrant wooden blocks designed

Fat Brain Sensory Rollers Ball Set 6mth+

Roll, bounce, toss, and discover! Each of these three, high-quality silicone spheres features a unique design that mesmerises the eyes

Colour Change Putty

Red to yellow colour change putty. Heat sensitive. Supplied in a tin and packed in a display of 24

Speks Two-Tones Denim (Teal and Blue)

The original in mashable, smashable fun. Made from rare earth magnets in a rainbow of colours, Speks are quite possibly

Speks Fleks (Silicone Fidget Magnets)

Meet Fleks, the world’s first silicone fidget magnets. Satisfyingly soft to the touch, the 6 pieces combine to make hundreds

Executive Metal Stress Putty

Perfect for keeping in your desk drawer for emergency stress prevention – stretch it, pull it, squash it.

Fat Brain PipSquigz 6mth+

The ultimate KEEP-THEIR-ATTENTION TOY! What happens when babies and toddlers encounter playful colors, fun sounds, fresh tactile experiences and super-suction?

Fat Brain Squigz Toobz 18pcs

Wobbly wonders await! These unique Toobz wildly bend, twist, and loop every which way to inspire hours of creative play.

Simpl Dimpl Black & White Keyring

Finally, Simpl Dimpls you won't be embarrassed to bust out at the board meeting! The frames are made of strong,

Fat Brain Quubi

Young minds will bloom at the sight of this cube! Each edge is connected by elastic bands to allow little

Fat Brain Lil Dimpl Keychain

Your new favorite keychain! Made entirely of soft, squishy silicone and featuring a delightful dimpl bubble built into its big

Fat Brain Coggy

Get your mental gears spinning with these 4 brain-busting puzzles! Bend, rotate, and shape Coggy to match the patterns printed

Fat Brain Lidzy

  Fat Brain Toy Co Lidzy Sensory Kids Toy 18m+ A simple machine becomes a sensory adventure! Each lid features

Pip Squigz Loops 6m+ Fat Brain Toy Co

Little explorers can’t help but get sucked into the sensory excitement of these bendy, rattly, chewy, suction-cup creations! Their vivid

Fat Brain Wimzle 6m+

Send your little one's senses on a whimsical adventure! Sliding back and forth at clever angles through the center ball

Schylling Fossil Dinosaur Chomper

Fossil Chomper : The bite with a roar. Grabs ROAAAAAAAARS! CHOMPS Ages 5 & up Battery operate 2X1.5v included, This

Schylling Colourful Metal Spring

Race them down the stairs or off the couch! These colourful springs are ready to take the leap! Each spring

Sense & Grow Magnetic Textured Tangram Puzzles

This Sense & Grow Textured Tangram Puzzles is the perfect gift idea if you want to get something for a

Rubik's Magic Star Fidget Toy

Rubik's magic star is suitable for ages 8+

Schylling Nee Doh Gummy Bear

Nee Doh Gummy Bear is as scrumptious-looking as it is squishy! In comes the gooey goodness of a gummy bear,

Clusterz Fidget Toy

Meet Clusterz, Trainers Warehouse exclusive finger fidget toy. We designed Clusterz to look like the nucleus of an atom, the

Hatch It ! Dragon

Watch your magical dragon hatch and grow! Submerge in water and your dragon will start to grow and within 5-

Koosh Balls Classic

Have a ball with the return of the original Koosh! The same quality construction that has made Koosh® a top

Push & Pop Bouncing Ball

Push and pop the bubbles as many times as you want and bounce the ball. Great for stress relief and

High Bounce Rubber Egg

24 units per inner 72 per carton Net weight item: 61 g Net weight CDU: TBA g CDU size: TBA

Sensory Liquid Mini Timer (Sold Separately)

Turn these little tubes upside down and watch the little coloured bubbles float and bounce to the top. Measures 6.5

Super Sensory Sticky Spheres

Grab your sticky spheres in one hand and squish them, squash them & squeeze them! Jiggle them, throw and catch

Schylling Nee Doh Squeezy Peezy

Ages 3+ Note: The flexible and squishy nature of these products means they will not last indefinitely. We'd love them to,

Funtime Space Kaleidoscope

It is hard to believe your eyes when you’re looking in this wonderful kaleidoscope and take a trip across the

Colour Changing Revealeons

Ages 3+ Item size 5″L POP size 8.5″W Sold assorted in POP display Changes colour in warm water

Atomic Brain Ball Spikey

Squeeze to blow your mind! Great for sensory play these super-squishy balls are have a spiky texture on the outside.

Monster Slime

A super-slimy, monster experience. 4 assorted. Ages 5+.

Starry Sky Putty

Spherical tub of glittery putty, sprinkled with stars. 3 assorted. Ages 5+.

Space Telescopic Kaleidoscope

This super-cool telescopic kaleidoscope, telescopes out from 19. 2 – 25. 7cm as you twist the end of reveal a

Glitter Goo Gemstone Sparkle

Glitter Goo can be used in so many ways; crafting up a storm, embellishing artworks on paper, decorating hard surfaces,

IS Super Sensory Slug

Bend it, twirl it and swirl it in your hands. The Super Sensory Slug has 19 articulated rainbow parts that

Schylling Shark Hand Puppet Small

Super stretchy puppets make endless expressions! Latex free. Ages 3+.

IS GIFT Wiggly Woo

Stretch them, Squish them and Tie them in knots! These awesome Wiggly Woos are super stretchy, squishy and loads of

Sensory Fidget Tools Assorted Fidgets Box

Contents: 1x Bracelet with Rolling Beads 1x Puff Bead Braclet 1x Funky Fringe Bracelt 1x Water Bead Squeeze Ball 1x

Nee Doh Funky Pup

Ages 3+ Pkg size 2.5″W Colours may vary Note: The flexible and squishy nature of these products means they will not

Funtime Newtons Cradle

For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. Named after the famous scientist Sir Isaac Newton this executive

Dig It Pig Nee-Doh

Ages 3+ Pkg size 2.5″W Colours may vary Boxed in POP Display

Schylling Nee Doh Magma Ball Light Up Squishy Meteorite

Note: The flexible and squishy nature of these products means they will not last indefinitely. We'd love them to, but unfortunately

Happy Snappy Nee Doh

Note: The flexible and squishy nature of these products means they will not last indefinitely. We'd love them to, but unfortunately

Doctor Squish Squishy Maker

Doctor Squish loves to find the best squishy toys to see what's inside! She loves making her own squishies and

Kinetic Sand Natural Bulk Box 2.5kg

Kinetic Sand is non-toxic and hypoallergenic. It's made from natural sand and is wheat, gluten and casein free. Feel the fun with 2.5kg

Schylling Nee Doh Dohnut

Ages 5+ Note: The flexible and squishy nature of these products means they will not last indefinitely. We'd love them to,

Glowing Squishy Pets

These super cute little squishy pets are perfect for squishing & squeezing – in fact they love it! They also

Stretchy Unicorn

Squeeze them, squash them, stretch them, squish them. They'll always come back to their original shape! 3 assorted colours with metallic