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4M Steam Powered Kids MS TIn Can Robot

Turn a soda can into a fun character that wobbles and walks around! Dress it up with cute accessories and

4M STEAM Powered Kids Intruder Alarm Robot

Build an intruder alarm robot and learn how the circuit works. It keeps any unwanted intruders out of your room!Children

Zuru Robo Alive Robotic Lizard

Bring Play to Life ROBO ALIVE’s Lifelike Robotic Lizard – Outruns Even the Fastest Predators! Robotic technology allows it to

Zuru Robo Alive Robotic Snake

Live Life on the Wild Side with ROBO ALIVE’s Lifelike Robotic Snake with Moving Eyeballs Robotic technology allows it to

Springer Spiral Spring Science Kit

Explore the secret of clockwork mechanisms. Discover spring power! Have you ever wondered about the power source of a wind-up

George the 6 in 1 Gyroscope Kit

George the Gyroscope is a fun, 6 in 1 gyroscope kit that will teach you the basics of how a

8 in 1 Solar Educational Robot Kit

Build your very own solar robot with this 8 in 1 Solar Robot Kit. Choose from the 8 different design

4M Kidz Robotix Bubble Robot

Non-stop bubble-blowing machine. Fill the tray with bubble solution and watch me blow bubbles!You can also remove the bubble wand

4M KidzLab Smart Robot

* this smart robot changes its moving path when it hits an obstacle * does it have a brain ?

Stanley 3 in 1 Keypad Coding Robot

WINNER of the 2021 EDUCATIONAL STEAM PRODUCT of the YEAR AWARDStanley is a one-of-a-kind DIY keypad coding robot. This mission-based,

Cybot Hydraulic Cyborg Hand

Build your own Hydraulic Cyborg Hand and experience the fun of a cyborg world! The Hydraulic Cyborg Hand simulates the

Silverlit Pokibot

This fun, little pocket rocket is the perfect Robotic companion for your child! With voice recording/playback, he will keep you

Silverlit Robo Kombat Balloon Puncher

This fun, Robotic Kombat twin-pack is all you need for your battle to begin! With 2x Remote Control Robots and

Turing Tumble Coding Game

Turing Tumble is a new type of game where players (ages 8 to adult) build mechanical computers powered by marbles

Hexbug Vex Build Blitz Construction Kit

The ultimate STEM Robotics kit is here! Build Blitz has over 800 easy snap-together pieces and can be built into

4M Kidz Labs Hydraulic Robotic Arm

Build your very own robotic arm and learn about hydraulic technology. The realistic gripper can lift, move and grab a

LEGO Mindstorms 51515 Robot Inventor

Enter the amazing physical and digital world of programmable, remote-control robots and intelligent creations. With LEGO® MINDSTORMS® Robot Inventor (51515),

Xtrem Bots Woki My First Coding Robot

Get started in the world of programming with Woki, the smart robot that reads colors! Build a maze with the

Silverlit Yogo N’Friends Gloopies Klip Assorted Colours

Press Gloopies head to shoot out the tongue and enjoy different funny sound effects! The body will change color at

Silverlit Yogo N’Friends Gloopies Klop Assorted Colours

Press Gloopies head to shoot out the tongue and enjoy different funny sound effects! The body will change color at

Hexbug Vex Switch Grip Ball Shooter

In just a matter of minutes you can construct an ingenious blaster, with the VEX Robotics SwitchGrip by HEXBUG! Shoots

Xtrem Bots Mazzy

Mazzy develops STEM habilities Thanks to Mazzy, kids will learn fundamentals of coding and become a computational thinker. Learn number

Silverlit Yogo Neo Mini Droid

Palm size Remote Control Robot* with LED Eyes & Robotic sound SFX! Push the demo button to watch it dance