Abacus VR Dino-Dig

Travel back to when dinosaurs ruled the earth and experience a thrilling T. rex chase, a roller coaster and even

Australian Geographic Digital Metal Detector

Go on the hunt to ?nd the coins, metal objects and lost treasures that are buried under your feet! Discover

Science In Action Metal Detector

The 4M Science in Action Metal Detector is the perfect tool to unlock the thrilling world of treasure hunting for

Australian Geographic 40mm Astronomical Telescope

Telescope with aluminium tabletop tripod and built-in compass. F400mm focal length, 40mm Objective lens, 0.965" H4 mm & H20 mm

Galt Cosmic Coding

A fun board game designed to introduce children to coding. No prior coding knowledge is necessary The game has been

4M Magnetic Intruder Alarm

Don’t let anyone sneak into your room undetected! Build your own Intruder Alarm to keep out those pesky brothers &

Australian Geographic Digital Walkie Talkies

You can stay in touch from hidden locations, Send mission updates using secret jargon or codes, or even make up

Mini Beasts Ocean Resin Specimen Set

These large sets of real-life specimens allow children to examine in detail a selection of arthropods, insects, spiders and marine

Mini Beasts Lacewing Butterfly Life Cycle Resin Specimen Block

Children will be fascinated with these  life cycle blocks – Lacewing Butterfly, Frog, Silkworm and Honey Bee. The various stages of

Mini Beasts Frog Life Cycle Resin Specimen Set

These real-life Mini Beast life cycles show children the different characteristics of life stages in animals. Encased in indestructible resin

Ultimate Book Of Optical Illusions

Prepare to be amazed! Inside the covers of this incredible, colorful collection are hundreds of the world’s most powerful optical

Fairy & Unicorn Torch and Projector

Product Description Project 24 colour fairy and unicorn images onto walls and ceilings in a dark room Includes three slide

Australian Geographic 4x30mm Binoculars

What can you see in the distance when out on your adventures? PERFECT STARTER BINOCULARS – Ideal 1st pair of

Heebie Jeebies Micro Prop Top

The popular Prop Top now in miniature! Get 8 per pack, ready to fly!

Spooky Ice Planet Lab Wild Science

Create Creeping Frost effects with the Spooky Ice Planet Laboratory which combines art and science fantasy with real life sciences

Brainstorm Toys Animal Projector & Nightlight

Projects 24 beautiful full-colour animal images onto your walls and ceilings Includes three discs and 24 fantastic animal images Creates

Saturn Scope Telescope

Looking for a telescope that’s perfect for beginners and kids? Look no further than the Saturn Scope! This telescope comes

Discovery 5 In 1 Magnetism kit

This fantastic set includes everything you need to create an anti-gravity sculpture, a spinning levitator, a set of magnetic scales,

Doctor Squish Squishy Maker

Doctor Squish loves to find the best squishy toys to see what's inside! She loves making her own squishies and

Sci Bits Glow Paint & Stars

Draw with the glow pens and fill your room with glowing stars.Turn off the light and watch them glow like

4M STEAM Space Exploration Kit

Enjoy this large Space Exploration STEAM kit.Build and paint your own solar system planetarium model; construct a space projector and

Edu-Toys My First Metal Detector

Can you're little one uncover the treasure? Begin your quest for valuables armed with this lightweight metal detector. Foldable sensor

LifeSize Human Anatomical 180cm Skeleton

 180cm Life-Size skeleton

Edu-Toys Human Anatomy Model

• Hand Painted in Vivid & Natural Colours • 8 Dissectible Parts • ABS Base • Fully Illustrated Colour Instruction

Liquifly Jet Car

Ready, set, splash! This water powered Jet Car is ready to race at high speeds and perform tricks. Water and

Tesla Lamp Plasma Ball 20cm Diameter

This iconic scientific lamp was originally created by Nikola Tesla in 1894, following his experiments with high voltage currents. The

Sherlock Magnifier Glass

Sherlock Magnifying Glass

4M KidzLabs Flashing Emergency Light

Build this cool emergency light from the pieces in the box.Learn about basic circuits and how the motorised reflector makes

4M Kidzlabs Giant Magnetic Compass

Discover the magnetic power of the earth with the Giant Magnetic Compass kit. Construct a giant compass which is 30cm

Stanley 3 in 1 Keypad Coding Robot

WINNER of the 2021 EDUCATIONAL STEAM PRODUCT of the YEAR AWARDStanley is a one-of-a-kind DIY keypad coding robot. This mission-based,

Cybot Hydraulic Cyborg Hand

Build your own Hydraulic Cyborg Hand and experience the fun of a cyborg world! The Hydraulic Cyborg Hand simulates the

Rockets Starter Kit

Enter a fantastic space mission with chemical rockets! Two different experiments to explore and learn.

Edu-Toys My First 15x Telescope

  Includes telescope with 15X magnification and tripod for steady tabletop viewing. Suitable for 3+. Age: 3+ Product Dimensions: 26.6

Self-Inflating Whoopee Cushion

Use over and over again! Hide the whoopee cushion under a cushion so it cannot be seen – for best

Bionic Putty Small

Stretch it! Sculpt it! Bounce it! Snap it! Available in Fluorescent Pink, Glow in the Dark, Colour Changing Green, Colour

The Original Sea Monkeys Ocean Zoo

The original and much-loved Sea Monkeys, the sci-fi pet created by scientists  Includes tank, water purifier, instant live eggs, food,

Thames & Kosmos Ooze Labs Assorted

Five different experiments in a display of 25 # Hot Ice Crystals. These form from sodium acetate and generate heat

Bulk Blank 20 Microscope Slides And Covers

There are limitless possibilities for what the keen student or hobbyist might want to examine. This bulk pack comes with

SpyX Walkie Talkies

Ergonomic Design Built for Small Hands, and Belt Clip for Hand Free Spying – This is your child's first REAL

Engino Solar Powered Cars

“The Engino – Solar Cars system is perhaps the most advanced and versatile three dimensional construction toy in the market today,

Edu-Toys Mini Skeleton

Learn about human bones. A real life model of the human skeleton with durable parts and a sturdy stand. Skeleton

Intro To Engineering

Intro to Engineering welcomes children to the field of engineering with 21 experiments and building projects in five sections. By

Dinosaur Torch and Projector

Project 24 colour images of Dinosaurs onto walls and ceilings in a dark room Includes three slide discs and 24

Periodic Table Magnets

The modern periodic table of the elements is closely based on Dmitri Mendeleev’s 1869 study aid and now you can

Heebie Jeebies UFO Balloons

 Blow it up and let it spin! This UFO balloon will keep both kids and adults mesmerised.

Original Slinky

The original Slinky! It walks, it springs, it shimmers! Yes, it's back. Or did it ever go away? Walk, bounce,

Glow in the Dark Science

<!– –><!– –>   Glow in the Dark Science is the fun-filled kit that allows you to create amazing luminous

Scratch & Sketch Outer Space Trace-Along

Scratch and Sketch across the stars! Learn what makes Earth so awesome, then blast off through the atmosphere and explore

Scratch & Sketch Solar System Trace-Along

Blast off into outer space as you scratch your way through the solar system! Use the stylus included to scratch

Edu-Toys My First 30x Microscope

  Includes a sturdy microscope and lab tools for easy experimenting.   The kit comes with two prepared slides, easy-to-use