Australian Geographic Digital Metal Detector

Go on the hunt to ?nd the coins, metal objects and lost treasures that are buried under your feet! Discover

Science In Action Metal Detector

The 4M Science in Action Metal Detector is the perfect tool to unlock the thrilling world of treasure hunting for

Wheely Windpower 6 in 1 Robot Kit

The Wheely Windpower doesn?t need batteries, wind turbines or a motor to move – with just a gentle breeze, the

Chemistry Chaos Science Kit

A comprehensive science kit with 19 fun and interesting experiments to explore the natural world. The kit includes all the

Galt Horrible Science Ugly Bugs

Mould a slimy slug, make a bouncing flea, build a giant stag beetle and check out a creepy cockroach in

Australian Geographic 40mm Astronomical Telescope

Telescope with aluminium tabletop tripod and built-in compass. F400mm focal length, 40mm Objective lens, 0.965" H4 mm & H20 mm

Fat Brain Oombee Ball

Matryoshka with a modern twist! Each colorful ball is uniquely textured with fascinating dots, lines, and swirls. Meanwhile, short, safe

Galt Cosmic Coding

A fun board game designed to introduce children to coding. No prior coding knowledge is necessary The game has been

4M Magnetic Intruder Alarm

Don’t let anyone sneak into your room undetected! Build your own Intruder Alarm to keep out those pesky brothers &

Natural History Museum Creepy Crawly Torch & Projector

Includes 24 detailed bug photographs. Torches are also photo projectors, projecting colour images up to one metre wide. Turn lens

Super Cars Torch and Projector

Projects 24 totally cool super car images onto walls and ceilings Includes three discs featuring 24 amazing full-colour images Creates

Mini Beasts Ocean Resin Specimen Set

These large sets of real-life specimens allow children to examine in detail a selection of arthropods, insects, spiders and marine

Mini Beasts Frog Life Cycle Resin Specimen Block

Children will be fascinated with these  life cycle blocks – Lacewing Butterfly, Frog, Silkworm and Honey Bee. The various stages of

Mini Beasts Lacewing Butterfly Life Cycle Resin Specimen Block

Children will be fascinated with these  life cycle blocks – Lacewing Butterfly, Frog, Silkworm and Honey Bee. The various stages of

Mini Beasts Garden Critters Resin Specimen Set

These 6 basic sets of  Mini Beasts each include four specimen blocks and a guide. They are an excellent resource to

Mini Beasts Frog Life Cycle Resin Specimen Set

These real-life Mini Beast life cycles show children the different characteristics of life stages in animals. Encased in indestructible resin

Mini Beasts Honeybee Life Cycle Resin Specimen Set

These real-life Mini Beast life cycles show children the different characteristics of life stages in animals. Encased in indestructible resin

Heebie Jeebies Phosphorescent Powder

Use this glow-in-the-dark powder by mixing it with a medium to illuminate everything in your life.

Ultimate Book Of Optical Illusions

Prepare to be amazed! Inside the covers of this incredible, colorful collection are hundreds of the world’s most powerful optical

Shark Torch

Product Description Project 24 fascinating colour shark images onto walls and ceilings in a dark room Includes 3 slide discs

Australian Geographic 4x30mm Binoculars

What can you see in the distance when out on your adventures? PERFECT STARTER BINOCULARS – Ideal 1st pair of

Magic Christmas Tree

The Magic Christmas Tree defies nature! Watch it grow before your eyes! Its magic and it sparkles! This truly amazing

Australian Geographic Circuit Lab 50+ Experiments

Construct and operate 50 plus electronic circuits. FUN SCIENCE: Inspire your science-mad mind with hands-on assembly of electronic circuits. OVER

Hatch It ! Dragon

Watch your magical dragon hatch and grow! Submerge in water and your dragon will start to grow and within 5-

Torch Projector Wild Things

24 images over 3 interchangeable discs!Shine the Torch Projector on your wall or ceiling and project the selected image up

Heebie Jeebies Micro Prop Top

The popular Prop Top now in miniature! Get 8 per pack, ready to fly!

Sensory Liquid Mini Timer (Sold Separately)

Turn these little tubes upside down and watch the little coloured bubbles float and bounce to the top. Measures 6.5

Spooky Ice Planet Lab Wild Science

Create Creeping Frost effects with the Spooky Ice Planet Laboratory which combines art and science fantasy with real life sciences

Field Magnifier with Case

This handy field magnifier boasts 10x magnification and a myriad of uses. Also known as a jeweller’s loupe, this useful

Discovery Zone Diving Submarine

Crew set the depth at 30cm. Dive! Dive! Dive! Learn about the science of acid-Base reactions and buoyancy while splashing

Chemistry C500 Experiment Kit

Chemistry C500 takes you on an introductory tour of chemistry with 28 classic experiments. Learn about reactions between solids, liquids,

Brainstorm Toys Animal Projector & Nightlight

Projects 24 beautiful full-colour animal images onto your walls and ceilings Includes three discs and 24 fantastic animal images Creates

Discovery Zone Make Your Own FM Radio Kit

This amazing kit teaches you how Radio works, and enables you to create your own FM radio which can search

Saturn Scope Telescope

Looking for a telescope that’s perfect for beginners and kids? Look no further than the Saturn Scope! This telescope comes

Discovery 5 In 1 Magnetism kit

This fantastic set includes everything you need to create an anti-gravity sculpture, a spinning levitator, a set of magnetic scales,

Dino Kit Large Tyrannosaurus

This large Tyrannosaurus model kits is easy to assemble, feature a brief introduction to the dinosaur and don??t require tools

4M Crystal Growing Outer Space Crystal Terrarium

Grow your own crystals and make an awesome outer space terrarium!Grow 4 outer space crystals and decorate your terrarium with

4M Green Science Magic Water Tap

Build this stunning water tap that magically makes a non-stop stream of water. It pumps out water like a normal

Funtime Self Inflating Whoopee Cushion

Surprise friends and family with this classic prank toy! • Self-inflating , use again and again! • All the fun of the

Funtime Newtons Cradle

For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. Named after the famous scientist Sir Isaac Newton this executive

Doctor Squish Squishy Maker

Doctor Squish loves to find the best squishy toys to see what's inside! She loves making her own squishies and

SpyX Wrist Walkie Talkies

SpyX provides junior agents with all of the gadgets needed to spy like a pro. Playing spy is a fun way

Great Outdoors Bug Box

Collect, store, and observe your favorite finds from outdoor adventures! Features 7 compartments and built-in magnifying lenses to take a

Marvel Avengers Robot Hand Iron Man

Teach kids the wonders of robotics and anatomy with this ultra-cool Iron Man robotic hand! For Marvel Avengers and Iron

Marvel Avengers Mega Arm Iron Man

Do you love all things Iron Man and Avengers? Do you also love STEM and building things?Discover the amazing science

Sci Bits Glow Paint & Stars

Draw with the glow pens and fill your room with glowing stars.Turn off the light and watch them glow like

4M STEAM Space Exploration Kit

Enjoy this large Space Exploration STEAM kit.Build and paint your own solar system planetarium model; construct a space projector and

Science4You Spectacular Science Kit

Discover the phenomenal world of physics and chemistry with fascinating experiments!  Turn a cup full of water upside down without

Edu-Toys My First Metal Detector

Can you're little one uncover the treasure? Begin your quest for valuables armed with this lightweight metal detector. Foldable sensor

Geosmart Lunar Rover

GeoSmart GeoSmart is the future of geomagnetic play. An ideal STEM magnetic construction set, GeoSmart enables fun learning at home

LifeSize Human Anatomical 180cm Skeleton

 180cm Life-Size skeleton

Science4you Chemistry

  Create a fun foam column and fil up a balloon with a chemistry trick.   Includes two fun and

4M Green Science Salt Water Powered Robot

A great kit to build and play with! Build the robot and then use salt water to make the robot

Liquifly Jet Car

Ready, set, splash! This water powered Jet Car is ready to race at high speeds and perform tricks. Water and