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4M KidzLabs Flashing Emergency Light

Build this cool emergency light from the pieces in the box.Learn about basic circuits and how the motorised reflector makes

Brainbox Electronic FM Kit

Build your own working FM Radio! Build your own working FM Radio. Brainbox manufacture a great range of electronic kits

Klutz Circuit Games Build & Play

Spark your interest in circuitry! Get ready to be amazed with this electrifying combination of five circuit games you build

LogiBlocs Smart Circuits

These blocks can be turned into 10 different smart circuits. Change the input trigger and logic control to make your

LogiBlocs Alarms & Door Bell

Includes the essential blocks for building different alarms. Try making your own intruder alarm or Morse code machine as well

Heebie Jeebies DIY Robot

 Build this clever robot that moves whenever you clap or make a loud sound! This set is complete with both

Clip Circuit Advanced Lab 180 Brainbox

Easy to build electronics kit. All components clip together, no soldering required. Using both parallel and series circuits, all pieces

Heebie Jeebies DIY 80s Digital Watch

Make your own Digital Watch and learn about soldering! The curcuit board and display are protected in 6 laser cut

Clip Circuit Electrolab 80 Experiments Brainbox

The perfect way to learn about electronics. All components easily clip together with press studs to make working circuits with

4M Logiblocs Alarm Tech

Make your own alarms using Logiblocs.  Kit includes a light sensor, switch button, beeper and a range of other blocks

4M Logiblocks Spy Tech

This Spy Tech kit allows you to build gadgets that every spy needs. Build more than 30 kinds of detectors