Magic Christmas Tree

The Magic Christmas Tree defies nature! Watch it grow before your eyes! Its magic and it sparkles! This truly amazing

Hatch It ! Dragon

Watch your magical dragon hatch and grow! Submerge in water and your dragon will start to grow and within 5-

Funtime Self Inflating Whoopee Cushion

Surprise friends and family with this classic prank toy! • Self-inflating , use again and again! • All the fun of the

Funtime Newtons Cradle

For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. Named after the famous scientist Sir Isaac Newton this executive

Jumbo Grow Flamingo Egg

Watch as this egg magically hatches into a beautiful flamingo when submerged in water!

Pop Out Dinosaur Egg Assorted


Unicorn Kingdom Jumbo Grow a Unicorn Egg

Watch as this egg magically hatches into a beautiful unicorn when sumberged in water!

Bionic Putty Small

Stretch it! Sculpt it! Bounce it! Snap it! Available in Fluorescent Pink, Glow in the Dark, Colour Changing Green, Colour

Torch Projector Animal Kingdom

Shine the Torch Projector on your wall or ceiling and project the selected image up to 90cm wide. Includes keychain,

Supersonic High Bounce Flashing Ball 10cm

Supersonic Bounce   10CM Led Flashing, Light Up, High Bouncing Ball!   Air Filled High Bounce Ball with diamond finish.

IS Unicorn Slap Bands

These super cute unicorn slap bands mean you can take your  friendly unicorn with you wherever  you go! Just slap

Reversible Sequin Slap Bands

  Slap them on your wrist and run your hand across the sequins to change the colour!   Metallic reversible

Magic Garden Crystal Growing

 A magic garden with trees, mountains and grass. See it grow before your eyes! Everything you need to make a

Mudpuppy Sea Creatures Kaleidoscope Assorted

Mudpuppy was launched in 1992. From an early specialization in puzzles, we expanded to our current offering of puzzles, journals,

IS Dinosaur Slap Bands

These super splendid TRex slap bands mean you can take your friendly/ferocious TRex with you wherever you go! Just slap

Zuru Robo Alive Spider

Robo Alive Crawling Spider is the scariest pet EVER. Pick it up if you dare. Then let it loose to

4M Robotix Spider Robot

Spider Robot scuttles up and down its string, like a real spider on silk thread. Scary! It cleverly changes direction

Sensory Timer Spiral Tube 3mins

Turn these large coloured spiral tubes upside down and watch the coloured bubbles spiral to the bottom. Stimulates discovery and

Sensory Timer Dual Colour 90seconds (Sold Separately)

Turn these colourful liquid tubes upside down and watch the two streams of liquid cascade to the bottom to show

Heebie Jeebies Whirlpool Bottle Science

Just add water and a couple of plastic bottles to create your own whirlpools. Fun and quick experiments for any