Hama Beads

Hama Tub 3000 Beads

Hama beads are a fun and inexpensive art form that inspires creativity. It can also help young children develop hand-eye

Hama Boxed Gift Set Space

Approx. 2.500 beads, 2 pegboards: Small round No. 222 and large square No. 234. 1 display mobile ring, 1 string,

Hama Beads Bold 1000pc

Hama 207-00 Bold Colours

HAMA Beads Glitter 1000pc

Hama Beads 207-54 Bag 1000 Gliter Colours

Hama Beads Pastel 1000pc

Hama Beads Bag 1000 Pastel 207-50