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Hama Solid Color Mix Beads

Hama Beads Bold 1000pc

Hama 207-00 Bold Colours
Hama Bead Inspiration Booklet

Hama Bead Inspiration Booklet

The Hama Inspiration booklet contains 68 pages of ideas and designs to help inspire children's creativity. An excellent way to

Hama Small Storage Box 6000 beads

With Hama, the possibilities are endless! Includes 6, 000 beads, 3 pegboards: parrot, pony & hexagonal. Colour print design sheets, instructions

HAMA Beads Tub (13,000 beads) All Colours

Original Hama Ironing Beads Contents: approx. 13,000 Hama Beads in 52 different colours Midi Ironing Beads 5.0 mm Diameter Bead

Hama Large Storage Box 12,000 Beads

Fantastic storage box contains over 12, 000 beads Perfect for Hama enthusiasts Includes handle for ease of carrying around Guaranteed

Hama Beads Glitter 1000pc

Hama Beads 207-54 Bag 1000 Gliter Colours

Hama 207-51

Hama Beads 207-51 Bag 1000 Fluro Colours
Hama 207-50

Hama Beads Pastel 1000pc

Hama Beads Bag 1000 Pastel 207-50