Interactive Activity Books

Ditty Bird Black & White Animals

Get ready to go on a wild adventure with Ditty Bird and his animal friends. Featuing high-contrast black and white images,

Ditty Bird Touch The Colours Sound Book

Come and explore the world of colours with Ditty Bird in this “Touch & Feel” board book that’s perfect for

My First Color By Sticker – Butterflies & Bugs

My First Color-by-Sticker Butterflies & Bugs is perfect for young children who love sticker art! Sticker book comes with 14

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star Shadow Book

Twinkle, twinkle, little star. How I wonder what you are!Up above the world so high, like a diamond in the

Outer Space Shadow Book

3, 2, 1 . . . Blast off at bedtime and explore outer space! Travel to the moon, sun, and

Ditty Bird Christmas Songs

Join Ditty Bird as he celebrates Christmas with 5 classic Christmas songs.  The book includes the following songs: "Joy to

Buki 1 to 50 Dot To Dot Activity Book

This Mini Book contains 24 pages of 1 -50 Dot-to-Dot fun. Once you have connected all the dots you can

Melissa & Doug On the Go Surprise Ink – Jungle

On the Go Game Books make the perfect travel toys! Each of these fun-packed activity books for kids includes an

Awesome LEGO Creations with Bricks You Already Have

LEGOs are great fun but expensive. This book creates hours of fun, new worlds and new toys from the collection

Little Genius Writing Fun Educational Workbook Ages 4-5

Make learning fun for your little genius! Open the door to learning with these fun and portable educational workbooks, available

Hey Doodle Reusable Colouring Mat ABC Aussie Icons

This silicone mat can be washed and reused over and over, and is so light it is the perfect activity

Ditty Bird Career Songs Sound Book

Join Ditty Bird as he explores different careers through 6 songs. Ideal for preschoolers as they explore what they want to

M&D Whose Feet Soft Book

Crocodile can't find his feet! Turn the pages to find out whose feet are down below–and enjoy Crocodile's fancy footwork!

Ditty Bird Bedtime Songs Sound Book

Let Ditty Bird sing your little one to sleep as they look at captivating illustrations and listen to soothing lullabies

Scratch & Sketch Pirates Trace-Along

Come aboard, matey, and scratch and sketch an adventurous life at sea! Trace 20 simple sketches of famous pirates, their

Scratch & Sketch Outer Space Trace-Along

Scratch and Sketch across the stars! Learn what makes Earth so awesome, then blast off through the atmosphere and explore

Scratch & Sketch Dragons & Mythical Creatures Trace-Along

Jump into the realm of mythical creatures with the scratch of your stylus! Trace images of 20 fascinating mythical creatures

Scratch & Sketch Wild Cats Trace-Along

Explore the world of wild cats, from the biggest of them all — the tiger — to the smallest —

Scratch & Sketch Sharks Trace-Along

Scratch and sketch your way through the mysterious undersea world of sharks! Learn about great white sharks, blue sharks, thresher

Scratch & Sketch Sloths & Friends Trace-Along

Who's the cutest unusual animal of them all? Only you can decide! Join the three-toed sloth as he introduces you

Scratch & Sketch Sparkle Trace-Along

Let your art sparkle and gleam! Use the stylus included to trace and embellish the artwork on each page to

Scratch & Sketch Games and Puzzles Ocean World Trace-Along

Scratch and Sketch your way through 20 fun ocean-themed puzzles and games — mazes, follow- the-dots, riddles, and more! Discover

Scratch & Sketch Horses Trace-Along

Scratch and Sketch your way through the wonderful world of horses! Use the wooden stylus included to trace outlines of horses

Scratch & Sketch Fashion Show Trace-Along

Trendy designers can create their own clothing — from party dresses to jeans, T-shirts, flip flops, sunglasses, bags, and jewelry,

Scratch & Sketch Rain Forest Trace-Along

Scratch and sketch your way through the rain forest! Learn about colorful birds, flowers, fish, sloths, frogs, and much more.

Scratch & Sketch Bugs Trace-Along

Scratch and Sketch your way through the world of bugs! From wolf spiders on the lawn to giant millipedes in

Ditty Bird Nursery Rhymes Sound Book

Ditty Bird’s second journey takes us to the land of much loved Nursery Rhymes.Just find and touch the ‘sound dot’

Ditty Bird Farm Animal Sound Book

Is there a better place than a farm to meet friendly animals? What sound does this animal make? Let's join

Usborne Pull Back Busy Train Book

4 years + An exciting storybook with four embedded tracks and a pull-back train toy that will amuse little children

Little Genius Trace & Draw Fun Educational Activity Mega Pad

Open the door to learning with this fun, educational pad, available for three age groups, it is perfect for little

Usborne First Colouring Book Jungle Theme

Little children will enjoy colouring toucans, tigers,elephants, crocodiles all the other jungle animals in this vibrant book. Scenesinclude noisy parrots

Little Genius Starting School Fun Educational Activity Mega Pad

Open the door to learning with these fun, educational pads, available for three age groups, are perfect for little ones

Ditty Bird Cute Animals Touch, Feel & Listen Sound Book

A charming little book combining 5 real-life sounds & 5 beautiful textures to explore! A valuable learning tool for developing

Usborne Wind Up Busy Helicopter Book

Wind up the helicopter toy, place it on one of thetracks and watch it zoom around as its crew rescues

Usborne Ladybird Wind Up Book

Wind up the ladybird toy, place it on the tracks embedded on each page and watch the busy bug as

Usborne Noisy Fire Engine Wind Up Book

 Noisy wind-up fire engine Three exciting fire engine tales with a wind-up model fire engine to bring the stories to

Usborne Pirate Ship Wind Up Book

Wind-up Pirate Ship, being a timbre-shivering tale on the high seas with a wind-up ship. Includes the story of a

Usborne Train Wind Up Book

Three delightful Farmyard Tales train stories with a wind-up model train to bring the tales to life. Each story has

Up, Up, And Away Bedtime Shadow Book

Simply shine the beam of a light (not included) through the page ''windows'' to cast pictures on the wall as

Scratch & Sketch Furry Friends Trace-Along

Kids will be delighted to see furry friends come alive in swirls of colors and glittery foil! This is a

Scratch & Sketch Unicorn Adventure Trace-Along

Join a girl named Polly and her unicorn friend on a magical journey to an enchanted castle! Use your stylus

Dinos After Dark Bedtime Shadow Book

Turn down the lights, enjoy this simple rhyming text, and learn about dinos . . . after dark! Use a

Scratch & Sketch Robots Trace-Along

Welcome to the world of techno-friends, where you'll find robots that can DJ, time travel, explore the sea floor, and