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Meccano 19206 Super Construction 25 Models Set

25-model set major construction set with a motor. Build up to 25 models. Comes in a hard carrying case. AGE

Mecanno 19604 Innovation Sets Quick Builds

BUILDING KIT FOR UNLIMITED CREATIONS: Budding inventors now have everything they need to get creative! Introducing Meccano's Quick Builds: a

Meccano 15202 Rescue Squad 3 Models

Use your imagination to save the day as you explore the world of real engineering with the Meccano Rescue Squad

Meccano 18301 Ducati Desmosedici GP

It’s slick. It’s iconic. And it’s ready for building! Introducing Meccano’s Ducati model motorcycle kit! In this set, young builders

Meccano 19602 Innovation Sets Motorized Movers

Build it – then bring it to life! Introducing Erector by Meccano's most inventive building kit yet: Set 5, Motorized

Meccano 15104 Junior Bucket 150pc

150 parts 2 tools 1 instruction sheet 1 plastic bucket Ages 5+

Meccano 19601 Innovation Set Geared Machines

Real tools. Unlimited possibilities. Give the young inventor in your life everything they need to start creating with Meccano's Set

Meccano 19603 Innovation Sets Advanced Machines

Build it, invent it and bring it to life! With Erector by Meccano's Advanced Machines Innovation Set, kids can take

Meccano 18302 John Deere 8R Tractor

Powerful equipment. Thrilling builds. In Meccano's latest kit, young builders receive everything they need to recreate one of America's most

Meccano 18203 Rally Racer 10 Models

Real tools. Real metal parts. Real Racers! Gear up for a whole new build with Meccano’s 10-in-1 model Rally Racer!

Meccano 18202 Roadster Cabriolet 5 Models

One roadster, five builds! Give your young car fanatic a fun and exciting model to build with the five-in-one Roadster!