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Sf 5644 Pony Hairstylist Set

The Pony’s Hair Stylist Set includes Serafina Manely, the silky-haired hairdresser, a cart, and various accessories. Create different hair styles

SF 5432 Chocolate Rabbit Twins Set

Kabe and Breeze Chocolate Rabbit twins love riding in their carriage. The carriage is large so the twins can ride

SF Fashion Play Set Jewels & Gems

The Fashion Play Set -Jewels & Gems Collection- contains Snow Rabbit older sister Ruby and flower-themed accessories with sparkly rhinestones.

SF 5531 Hoppin Easter Set

The Hoppin' Easter Set is a limited seasonal product that lets you enjoy Easter egg hunts. This set includes a

SF 5376 Elephant Family

Elephant Family is a three-piece set including Elephant Father, Mother and baby. The figures' heads, hands and feet can be

SF 5396 Polar Bear Family

A 3 figure set containing the Snowfluff Family, Polar Bear father, mother and child. Seamus enjoys fishing. He always researches

SF 5424 Hedgehog Twins

Meet the Hedgehog Twins, pack includes Honey and Hazel Bramble. Each figurine has its own story and can be complemented

SF 5448 Family Cruising Car

The Family Cruising Car lets you remove the roof to turn it into an open-top car. Swap the right and

SF 5462 Tuxedo Cat Fashion Play Set

The Mix & Match Fashion Set includes Felicia who is a popular photographer for a fashion magazine. This set contains

SF 4862 Village Shoe Shop

The Village Shoe Shop contains over 30 pieces including 9 pairs of fashionable shoes to fit all Sylvanian sizes from

SF 4108 Milk Rabbit Family

 Meet The Milk Rabbit Family, pack includes: Father, Mother, Sister and Baby.  These miniature animal figures have articulated arms, legs

SF 5259 Toy Poodle Family

Meet the Toy Poodle Family, pack includes: Father Frank, Mother Veronica, Brother Eric & Sister Melinda Cakebread. These miniature animal

SF 5319 Baby Castle Playground

Everyone can play at being a prince or princess with the Baby Castle Playground. Climb up the ladder to the

SF 5017 Chocolate Rabbit Baby Set

Cr�me Chocolate loves sleeping in her bed and keeps all her favourite toys in the draws underneath. Set doesn't include

SF 5094 Country Nurse Set

Kate Periwinkle is a nurse and helps her husband at the Country Clinic. Set includes the Milk Rabbit Mother with

SF 5532 Triplets Care Set

The Triplets Care Set comes with small and cute Chocolate Rabbit cradled baby Triplets and baby furniture. Flora (Red Outfit),

SF 5019 Semi Double Bed

This is a large bed on which mother and baby or two children can sleep. A lamp stand, clock, canister

SF 5459 Caramel Dog Family

Meet the Caramel Dog Family, pack includes Father Lance, Mother Vivian, Sister Carlie and little Brother Justin.

SF 5317 Sunshine Nursery Bus

Take the children to the nursery on the Sunshine Nursery Bus! This bus can seat one driver and 12 babies,

SF 5234 Boutique

The Boutique sells beautiful dresses, bags and accessories and is owned by Cecilia Teak who loves to wear special dresses.