Sylvanian Families

SF 5701 Baby Mermaid Castle

The Baby Mermaid Castle features an undersea-themed amusement park, along with three baby figures.Includes a beautiful Mermaid Castle, “Aqua-Go-Round” Ride,

SF 5017 Chocolate Rabbit Baby Set

Crème Chocolate loves sleeping in her bed and keeps all her favourite toys in the draws underneath. Set doesn't include

SF 5692 Reindeer Family

*Reindeer family includes Reindeer father and mother with magnificent antlers, baby twins and a baby sleigh. *The figures' arms, legs

SF 5691 Easter Celebration Set

*Available for a limited time only. *Easter Celebration Set with Marguerite Rabbit children in fresh and colourful spring-themed outfits. Includes

SF 5698 Sunny Picnic Set Sister and Baby

*Sunny Picnic Set -Fennec Fox Sister & Baby – featuring members of the Fennec Fox family, known far and wide

SF 5639 Giraffe Family

Meet the Highbranch Giraffe Family, pack includes Father Egbert, Mother Olive, and babies Bran and Brie. The Highbranch family are

SF 5302 Red Roof Country Home

The Red Roof Country Home features a red roof with brightly coloured walls that makes up the delightful Chocolate Rabbit

SF 5653 Popcorn Delivery Trike

The Popcorn Delivery Trike set Includes Barbara the Sheep Mother in an exclusive outfit, plus a popcorn trike and all

SF 5190 Chocolate Rabbit Grandparents

Meet the Chocolate Rabbit Grandparents, pack includes Grandfather Rhys and Grandmother Patricia. These miniature animal figures have articulated arms, legs

SF 5650 Pony Friends Set

The Pony Friends Set includes two silky-haired Pony figures, Chestnut Pony girl Vera is wearing a dress, while Silver Pony

SF 5669 Large House with Carport

Get all you need to play in this great value set, featuring Snow Rabbit mother in a special outfit, along

SF 5644 Pony Hairstylist Set

The Pony's Hair Stylist Set includes Serafina Manely, the silky-haired hairdresser, a cart, and various accessories. Create different hair styles

SF 5432 Chocolate Rabbit Twins Set

Kabe and Breeze Chocolate Rabbit twins love riding in their carriage. The carriage is large so the twins can ride

SF 5647 Fashion Play Set Jewels & Gems

The Fashion Play Set -Jewels & Gems Collection- contains Snow Rabbit older sister Ruby and flower-themed accessories with sparkly rhinestones.

SF 5531 Hoppin Easter Set

The Hoppin' Easter Set is a limited seasonal product that lets you enjoy Easter egg hunts. This set includes a

SF 5094 Country Nurse Set

Kate Periwinkle is a nurse and helps her husband at the Country Clinic. Set includes the Milk Rabbit Mother with

SF 5532 Triplets Care Set

The Triplets Care Set comes with small and cute Chocolate Rabbit cradled baby Triplets and baby furniture. Flora (Red Outfit),

SF 5529 Pookie Panda Family

Meet the Pookie Panda Family, Father Walter, Mother Debra, Baby Brother Tyla and Baby Sister Angela. Dressed in removable fabric

SF 5534 Crib With Mobile

The Crib with Mobile set comes with a cute crib that sleeps triplets (cradled babies) side by side. Turn the

SF 5540 Fashion Play Set Sugar Sweet Collection

The Fashion Play Set – Sugar Sweet Collection includes Stephanie the Marshmallow Mouse older sister, clothing, a parasol, accessories, and

SF 5541 Fashion Play Set Shoe Shop Collection

The Fashion Play Set – Shoe Shop Collection includes Melanie the Caramel Dog older sister, clothing, shoes, fashion accessories, and

SF 5535 Family Picnic Van

The Family Picnic Van is a car with a roof rack, that can fit up to eight figures. Remove the

SF 5530 Midnight Cat Family

Meet the Midnight Cat Family, pack includes: Father James, Mother Allison, Sister Chantelle, and Baby Brother Reggie. Dressed in removable

SF 5393 Sweet Raspberry Home

The Sweet Raspberry Home is a one-storey house with an amazing entrance terrace and red roof. It comes with Creme,

SF 5021 Refrigerator Set

A great fridge for your Sylvanian house. Comes complete with various food products. Suitable from 3 yrs+

SF 3558 Elephant Family

Meet the Elephant Family, Father Hugo Trunk, Mother Savannah Trunk, Brother Ivor Trunk and Sister Nellie Trunk

SF 5257 Ballerina Friends

The Ballerina Friends set includes Rebecca Periwinkle and Nora Teak in ballerina outfits and sparkling brooches. Place the figures on

SF 5047 Canoe Set

The Canoe Set has room for two and includes two life jackets. The life jackets are the perfect size for

SF 4448 Triple Bunk Beds

The Triple Bunk Beds set can be stacked on top of each other or placed side by side. Each bed

SF 5188 Striped Cat Twins

Meet the Striped Cat Twins, pack includes Scott and Skyler Sandy. These miniature animal figures have articulated arms, legs and

SF 5207 Seaside Birthday Party

Freya and her friends love having a party on the beach or on the deck of a boat. This set

SF 4507 Ornate Garden Table And Chairs

This classy set of garden furniture is perfect for any Sylvanian Family who wish to entertain outside in style! It

SF 5316 Baby Castle Nursery

The Baby Castle Nursery is a Nursery School that comes with plenty of playground equipment, such as a piano, swing,

SF 5334 Baby Airplane Ride

The Baby Airplane Ride includes a turning two-plane ride and Alfie the Maple Cat Baby. The Baby Airplane Ride's airplane

SF 5318 Baby Tree House

The Baby Tree House includes Ambrose the Walnut Squirrel Baby and includes a hammock, slide, and swing and a cute

SF 4755 Cedar Terrace

Cedar Terrace has three wonderful floors for lots of furniture. The top floor has a large round window and a

SF 5040 Babies Ride and Play

Kate Periwinkle takes the babies Hannah and Alfie to ride around the park in their new push car and tricycle!

SF 5096 Country Doctor

Dr. Alex Periwinkle runs the Country Clinic. Everyone is Sylvanian Village relies on his knowledge to help them get better

SF 4269 Party Set

A great party set for birthdays, Christmas and anniversary parties with table, chairs, party food and decorations. Figures not included.

SF 5303 Red Roof Cosy Cottage

Sylvanian Families Red Roof Cosy Cottage is the perfect choice for those starting out with Sylvanian Families! This all-in-one set