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Green Toys Tug Boat

A colourful boat with a wide spout which will scoop and pour water. Made from 100% recycled milk cartons, and

Ambi Duck Family

In this Duck Family, three little ducklings hide inside Mother duck. The happy family swims together to delight a child

Boon Fleet Stack and Pour Boats Bath Toys

Plastic-ware in the tub is all well and good until it comes time to pack up that leftover meatloaf. Instead,

Boon Cogs Water Gears Bath Toys

Boon Cogs Building Bath Toy Colour: Multi  Cogs suction to wall Includes 5 unique gears BPA free Recommended for ages:

Djeco DJ6102 Babyraini

An adorable and pastel designed rain shaker. Babyraini is a gorgeous way to introduce babies to cause and effect while

Djeco DJ6101 Babyplui

Babyplui(1) Suitable for ages: 3+ Months .crosses > span:after {content:” x “;} .crosses > span:last-child:after {content:””;}

John Deere Farm Pond Fish Adventure

Catch some fun with the John Deere Farm Pond Fish Adventure. Learn numbers and colors when you spin the board

TOMY Chomp Bath Toy

Fun whale bath toy Great for developing hand eye coordination Toddlers love interactive baby bath toys The Boon Chomp Hungry

Boon Cast Fishing Pole Bath Toy

Bathtime fishing fun Great for developing hand eye coordination Fun baby bath toys Bath times are set to become a

Little Brian Bath Paint Sticks 6 pack

A fun, clean and mess free way of painting in the bath. Water soluble, solid paint that twists up and

IS Bath Crayons

Write on, wipe off! Turn bath time into fun time with Bath Crayons. Cover your body, the tiles and the

Ambi Fishing Boat

A special fishing boat for non-stop bath time fun. The steering wheel doubles up as a life ring in case

Ambi Fish Wheel

Pour in the water and watch the pretty fish spin around merrily on the wheel. The fish wheel also comes

B. Fish & Splish

Fish and Splish makes bathtime fun! This playset comes with a ton of colorful accessories such as a floating boat,

Tomy Swim & Sing Turtle

If you like Splashy the Penguin, you’ll love his friend Swim ‘n’ Sing Turtle. This delightful turtle, complete in striped

Boon Tones Musical Boats

Tap the top of the boats to play a short whistle tone  Includes three boats, each with a unique tone