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Thinkfun Geologic World Changing Logic Puzzle

World Changing Logic Puzzle Create your own world with GeoLogic! Players begin with a 30-sided planet Core and 14 different

Smart Games Horse Academy

Horse Academy by Smart Games Create a path and jump to the finish! Create a path from start to finish

Smart Games Diamond Quest

Enter the SmartGames diamond mine and dig up all of the jewels and discover the location of the red diamond.

Smart Games IQ Mini

IQ Mini  by Smart Games Mini size, maxi challenges! Description A pocket-size IQ puzzle ready to take with you wherever

Smart Games Temple Trap

  Temple Trap by Smart Games The walls are constantly shifting in this unique puzzle game! Arrange the walls and

Smart Games IQ Circuit

IQ Circuit by Smart Games Description: Can you connect the dots without short circuiting your brain? Place all the puzzle

Smart Games Temple Connection

Can you place the puzzle pieces with red roads and high bridges on the board to create paths that connect

Smart Games Atlantis Escape

Atlantis Escape by Smart Games Find your way out…before its too late! Can you escape from Atlantis before the beautiful

Smart Games Grizzly Gears

Rotate the trees to guide the characters through the forest… but beware of the bear! An original puzzle game, with

Smart Games Walls & Warriors

Position the walls and protect your warriors! Brain power is needed to protect your castle in this exciting game. Can

Smart Games Parking Puzzler

Park the cars in the right spot! Test your parking skills with the 60 challenges in Parking Puzzler! A unique

Hanayama L3 Cast Puzzle Galaxy

Hanayama Level 3 Cast Puzzle Galaxy

Smart Games Cubiq

Can you create 3D patterns with the 8 colourful puzzle pieces and their 8 white counterparts?  Put your spatial insight,

Smart Games Quadrillion Game

  Quadrillion Click & Play by Smart Games Countless challenges and solutions… but can you find one? Start a new

ThinkFun Invasion of the Cow Snatchers

Mooove the Magnets Logic Game Take control of your very own UFO to solve magnetic challenges! Maneuver your way over

Dal Rossi Magnetic Travel Backgammon 9" Leather Black Case

Made in Italy High quality Backgammon set in a small travel case. Folded set measures 24cm W x 18cm L x

ThinkFun Gravity Maze

Falling Marble Logic Game Build a path through the towers to get the marble to the target and you win!

ThinkFun Roller Coaster Challenge

Helps Develop Kid's Logical Thinking Skills While Solving Fun Challenges and, oh! there's also a Roller Coaster! Roller Coaster Challenge


Pathagon is an exciting, ever changing new strategy game of building paths. While Pathagon is quick and easy to learn, there is a