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Folkmanis Mini Tabby Cat Finger Puppet

An adorable tabby cat to fit in your hand. Fall in love with this finger puppet with realistic detail.  A

Folkmanis Dog Finger Puppet

A sweet puppy dog to fit in your hand. Fall in love with this finger puppet with realistic detail.  A

Folkmanis Mini Horse Finger Puppet

Giddy up partner. Bring storytime to life with this wild horse.  Pair with the following books: Clip-Clop by Nicola Smee

Folkmanis Mini Shark Finger Puppet

Are you ready to take this shark for a swim. A finger puppet that is small and ready to entertain and

Folkmanis Mini Turtle Finger Puppet

This Mini Turtle loves to play peek-a-boo or just crawl around. Three fingers fit inside to move the head and

Folkmanis Enchanted Tree Puppet

Captivating is understating the charm of the Folkmanis Enchanted Tree Puppet. Made for storytelling and all things fantasy, this magical

Folkmanis Monkey Finger Puppet

Mini Monkey has a thin, long tail and designed after the companys long-time top-selling Monkey puppet. This adorable little puppet

Folkmanis Mini Duckling Finger Puppet

The mini Duckling finger puppet is ohh so sweet. Perfectly sized for little hands, this precious duckling has super-soft plush

Folkmanis Mini Bluebird Finger Puppet

A symbolic harbinger of happiness, the Mini Bluebird finger puppet will surely be a delightful addition to anyones collection. Suitable

Folkmanis Mini Rabbit In Hat Finger Puppet

For the aspiring magician, this Mini Rabbit in a Hat is a fun surprise! When you poke your finger through

Folkmanis Mini Praying Mantis Finger Puppet

As oversized insects go, this one definitely uses its power for good, not evil. Devout, humble and helpful, it'll crusade

Folkmanis FM2754 Mini Spider Finger Puppet (3)

Arachnophobes wont mind the whimsical Mini Spider finger puppet. Featured in all black this not so scary creature has gangly