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Ravensburger Puzzle Conserver

Ravensburger Puzzle Conserver

Ready To Use Adhesive For Permanently Conserving Jigsaw Puzzles,One Bottle Seals 8 Puzzles With 500 Pieces Or 4 Puzzles With

Puzzroll Premium Jigsaw Mat/Storage (Suitable for 500-3000pcs)

Jigsaw Puzzroll Premium – Jigsaw storage roll, Puzzroll Premium to suit 500-3000 piece, mat size 950cm x 1400cm

Puzzroll Premium Jigsaw Mat/Storage (Suitable for 500-2000pcs)

Puzzroll – Premium  Store your jigsaw puzzle in this unique easy roll-up mat, even while unfinised.  Suitable for all jigsaws

Jigsaw Roll Mat 2000pce Paul Lamond

The ingeniously simple way to solve and store jigsaw puzzles, Jigsaw Roll allows you to make your jigsaw on the