Silverlit Flybotic Bi-Wing Evo

X Twin-Evo with ultra light weight body materials. 2-channel 2.4G control full function plane. Precise speed control and excellent flying

Silverlit Follow Me Droid

FOLLOW ME DROID, AN AUTO FOLLOWING ROBOT WITH GESTURE CONTROL. A robot with gesture control that automatically follows. Show them

Silverlit Robo Heads Up

Silverlit robotic pet for ages 3yrs+ Realistic sound effects and lights. Walks forwards and backwards. Assorted designs (unicorn or dog).

Silverlit Stunt Drone

Stunt Drone is same to its name, forward, backward, flipping, 360 ° Looping, etc. You name it and it can

Talkibot Robot Silverlit

A Talkback Robot with 3 different facial expressions for 3 playback effects, available in 2 styles and 6 colors of