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Silverlit Robo Heads Up

Silverlit robotic pet for ages 3yrs+ Realistic sound effects and lights. Walks forwards and backwards. Assorted designs (unicorn or dog).

Silverlit Tooko My First Race Car

Suitable for ages 3+ 2.4GHZ battery operated racing car. Turns left/right, forwards/backwards, and lights up.

Silverlit Robo Kombat Twin Set

This brilliant Silverlit Robo Kombat Twin Pack contains two independent battling robots with infrared remote controls. Each robot stands around

Silverlit Kickabot Football Robot

KICKABOT™* A kickoff to Robot Games! You can choose between 2 editions: indulge yourself in Football Game, Collector Race and

Silverlit O.P. One Programmable Robot

OP ONE O.P One is the game changer to robotic fun! It has various intelligent functions, such as: LED Eyes Scanning &

Silverlit Quizzie Robot

QUIZZIE Q&A Robot with Water Squirt! LED backlit face – LED face with 10 Emojis Sound Effect – Speakers for

Silverlit Duke the Robotic Dog

DUKE Duke can learn different tricks via your personalized voice commands. Loyal Mode Response to 12 different voice commands in

Silverlit Train My Dino

TRAIN MY DINO*:  2 play modes: Wild mode: Wild Actions Chase around and roar loudly Training mode: Put on neck

Silverlit Stunt Drone

Stunt Drone is same to its name, forward, backward, flipping, 360 ° Looping, etc. You name it and it can

Silverlit Heli Sniper II

Heli Sniper II inherit the success of missile shooting helicopter. 3-channel equipped with Auto hovering system makes missile shooting even

Silverlit Program-A-Bot Robot

The Classic Robot, with 36 programmable functions.  Equipped with sensors for sound and obstacle detection.  Look out for those dance

Talkibot Robot Silverlit

A Talkback Robot with 3 different facial expressions for 3 playback effects, available in 2 styles and 6 colors of

Maze Breaker Robot Silverlit

Turn on your robot and watch it follow the Maze! Use the template mazes provided or draw your own maze. Draw