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Papo 56013 Octopus

The octopus is one of the benthic cephalopods. Its body, which is totally soft except for its beak, has eight

Wind Up Caterpillar

What happens when you wind up all the animals at the zoo? They go WILD! Wind up each animal and

Schleich 14756 Kangaroo and Joey

There are 65 kangaroo species – ranging from the small tree-kangaroo to the red giant kangaroo, which is the largest

Mojo Cheetah

Measures 6 H x 3 W x 15cm L. Ages 3yrs+

Schleich 14748 Leopard

A leopard is very fast and can jump six metres forwards and three metres high in one bound. Only rarely

Mojo Humpback Whale Large

2017 edition. Measures 6.5 H x 23 W x 33cm L. Ages 3yrs+

Schleich 13799 Goose

Domestic geese are descended from wild grey geese. They are very loyal animals who feel most comfortable in large flocks

Papo P50120 Orangutan

A cheeky orangutan on the lookout for his next adventure.   #Purple Dot# Suitable for ages: 3+ Years    

Schleich 13824 Drake

Male ducks are easily identifiable by their colourful, iridescent plumage. After breeding, the drakes lose their colourful feathers and don

Mojo Clouded Leopard

Measures 4.5 H x 2 W x 11.5cm L. Ages 3yrs+

Schleich 14812 Lion

The Schleich figures are modelled with attention to detail, hand-painted with care, and provide educationally valuable playtime. After birth, lion