Mythical & Fantasy

Papo 36013 Phoenix

A bright orange and fierce looking Phoenix ready to rise from the ashes and take flight.  Suitable for ages: 3+

Papo 38955 Croc Man

Croc Man is a crocodile mutant that has sharp teeth and strong skills with his weapons. Suitable for ages: 3+

Papo 39090 The Starry Fairy

A beautiful fairy with a star-studded dress and gold wand.   #Green Dot# Suitable for ages: 3+ Years    

Papo 38938 Two Headed Gold Dragon

This terrifying dragon has double the amount of fire with two heads. A gold and royal protector you dont want

Papo 38931 Minotaur

This fierce Minotaur is wearing gladiator armour and wields a deadly hammer and short sword combo: sure to strike fear