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Schleich 15018 Postosuchus

The crocodile-like Postosuchus is very different from his fellow species and should therefore not be missing from any playroom! His

Papo 55029 Baby Brown T Rex

Papo Brown Baby Tyrannosaurus Rex Figurine.      

Papo 55018 Oviraptor

The Oviraptor, whose name means “egg stealer”, was a small bipedal dinosaur which lived during the Upper Cretaceous period. It

Papo 55015 Ankylosaurus

Prehistoric category.     The Ankylosaurus, which means “fused lizard” had a heavily-armored body and massive bony tail club.  

Papo 55002 Triceratops

The Triceratops, a herbivore, bore a single horn on the snout, above the nostrils, and a pair of horns approximately

Schleich 14530 Velociraptor Green

With seventy centimetres, this two-legged and feathered predator was quite small considering other dinosaurs. Fun Fact – Velociraptors had a

Papo P55068 Cryolophosaurus

The Cryolophosaurus is an interesting meat eating dinosaur. This figurine features a moveable mouth.  Suitable for ages: 3+ Years .crosses