Smart Games Genius Square

Genius Square by Smart Games Play solo or race an opponent to fill the grid and level up! Roll the

Smart Games Safari Junior

SAFARI PARK JR. Find the right spot for your safari photos! 3, 2, 1 and pose! These safari animals love

Smart Games Criss Cross Cube

CRISS CROSS CUBE The nuts and bolts of logic!   Show that you are the sharpest tool in the box

Alphabet Go Fish Card Game

Alphabet Go Fish! | Card Game By Peaceable Kingdom | Mindware Just like the classic game, players deal cards and

Orchard Toys Nutty Numbers

Players take it in turns to roll the dice, and pick up cards with the matching number, before adding them

Haba Dragons Breath Game

The dragon children have found an unusual treasure: A column of ice with sparkling stones frozen inside it. Naturally everyone

Match Madness Duo

The matching game for fast thinkers! Shift your brain into higher gear in this clever game of logic and perception. 

Brainbox Cities Of The World

BrainBox Cities BrainBox is a fun memory and observation card game which tests your eye for detail. What can you

Color Clue Caterpillars

Color Clue Caterpillars by Peaceable Kingdom About this item Toys that Teach: These magnetic puzzles for kids let early learners

Sense & Grow Magnetic Textured Tangram Puzzles

This Sense & Grow Textured Tangram Puzzles is the perfect gift idea if you want to get something for a

Djeco Lotto Of The House

BINGO! This fun bingo game features items in the home. Introduce your child to the fun of bingo and discuss

Smart Cookies Metaforms

  SMART COOKIES by Foxmind Players use logic clues to place 9 cookies on the playing tray. As players progress

The Genius Gems Game

A BRAND NEW TWIST ON OUR MOST SUCCESSFUL GAMES EVER! Speed of Thought, Sequencing, Spatial Awareness, Strategic Planning, Visual Perception

Smart Games Robot Factory

The object of the game is to slide the puzzle pieces around until all robot parts are assembled into complete

Equilibrio Game

FoxMind Games

Brainbox The World

BrainBox The World (2022) | Card Game | Ages 8+ | 1+ Players | 10+ Minutes Playing Time

30 Cubed Game

Based on mathematical principles that have challenged generations of mathematicians The set contains 30 different cubes, plus a 6 x

Orchard Game Number Bears

The perfect introduction to addition and subtraction.  Number Bears is a combined learning activity and game in one. Players must

Orchard Game Shape Aliens

Have a blast by matching the shapes to the aliens, then launching them onboard the 3D spaceship in this fun

Smart Games Diamond Quest

Enter the SmartGames diamond mine and dig up all of the jewels and discover the location of the red diamond.

Orchard Game First Sounds Lotto

A fun-filled sound game where players listen to the sounds on the free Orchard Toys app or make noises themselves

Smart Games Colour Catch

Travel-Friendly Educational Toys: Color Catch features 60 challenges where players position frogs and salamanders based on color clues. Thanks to

Smart Games Monsters Hide & Seek

Monsters Hide & Seek by Smart Games Description: Place the 4 puzzle pieces on the game board, to hide all

Little Genius Sight Words Flash Cards

Open the door to learning with these fun, educational and snap flashcards.

Dinoloo Board Game

Welcome to the land of happy dinos! Our dinos are ready to play with you. Roll the dice to find

Pengoloo Board Game

PENGOLOO by Blue Orange Games AGES 4 AND UP • 2-4 PLAYERS Go on an eggs-pedition with Pengoloo, an enchanting

Wexler Studios Roll Out Game

Wexler Studios has rolled out a new dice game where the player who removes all the checkers wins! 2 players

Wexler Studios No Dice Game

Wexler Studios brings you a dice game for math lovers! Try and create math equations to score as close to

Eeboo Koala Bounce Game

Kids learn colours, numbers, and shapes in this brisk board game of simple strategy and resilience, and fun for the

Peaceable Kingdom Bandit’s Memory Mix Up

Peaceable Kingdom Bandit’s Memory Mix Up Bandit the Raccoon encourages kids to shake things up in this fun, mixed-up game

Gamewright Slamwich Card Game

Flip and stack this clever loaf of cards to build slamwiches and double-deckers. Tomato, onion, tomato… slap! Get there first

Orchard Toys Dizzy Donkey

Act out crazy combinations in this hilarious Orchard Toys twist on a game of charades! Suitable for children from the

Orchard Toys Speed Spelling

Race against the timer to spell the most words in this fast-paced literacy game Race to complete your word before

Orchard Toys Wiggly Words

A brain-teasing, domino-style word game for the whole family! Wiggly Words is a brain-teasing domino-style word game for the whole

M&D Magnetic Matching Picture game

Combine more than 100 wooden magnets to recreate and bring to life imaginative scenes! Fit a large background scene on

Orchard Toys Mini Games

Travel game in a compact and portable size  Perfect pocket money game  Develops matching and number skills  A fun educational

The Bee Genius Game

Creating The Next Generation of Little Geniuses The Queen Bee is leading her worker bees in the construction of their

Orchard Toys Sleepy Sloths

  Rise and shine! Be the first to make enough noise to get all of your sloths out of bed

Beleduc Legolino Game

Legolion is a fun, amusing and interesting puzzle game for a whle range of different age groups. It can be

Beleduc Torreta

Skilled finger acrobats are needed here! Because towers grow higher and higher with cubed building blocks. Who will manage to build

Gobblet Gobblers

AGES 5 AND UP • 2 PLAYERS Test your memory and appetite for laughs with this easy to learn and

M Is For Mouse The Game of Starting Sounds!

M is for Mouse is the letter-learning game that's fun for everyone! A is for Apple, and B is for

Katamino Pocket

Katamino is a very intelligent brain teaser designed as a puzzle game aiding development. Suitable for all ages, it enables

Katamino Classic

Katamino is a puzzle game with both 2D and 3D challenges of progressive difficulty, and also offers a strategic game

Hape Logic Beads

Fun logic bead matching comes with hours of entertainment Encourages development of visual perception by copying the image card bead

Usborne Garden Snap Cards

A new addition to the range of Usborne Snap cards. Each colourful card is illustrated with a garden-themed picture, including

Usborne Diggers and Trucks Snap

Usborne Diggers & Trucks Snap Cards. All Ages.

Usborne Unicorn Snap Cards

Perfect for any unicorn lover, this beautifully illustrated version of the popular card game features 52 colourful unicorn picture cards

Quoridor Junior

Best Children's Game Winner Help your bunny friend reach their carrot buffet and the cute kitty lap up their bowl

ThinkFun Code Robot Repair Programming Game

Programming Game Series Robot Repair is the third in a series of games designed to build the mental skills needed

ThinkFun My First Rush Hour

  Traffic Jam Puzzle for Younger Players Winner of the Parents Choice Gold Award Younger players can experience the fun

Orchard Toys Pass The Word Game

A fast-paced game which makes spelling fun! Race against the timer to put together as many words as you can,

Orchard Toys Match And Spell Next Steps

  Match and Spell Next Steps is the perfect progression from Orchard Toys’ bestselling, award-winning Match and Spell.   Aimed

Orchard Toys Party Party Party! Game

Come on everyone, the party's started! In this unique board game, race to fill your rucksack with accessories and be

Orchard Toys Loopy Llamas

  Have you ever been to a llama pool party? You can now! Everything about this hilarious llama themed game

Orchard Toys Rainbow Unicorns

Gallop over the rainbow towards the pot of gold in this magical, mystical twist on heads and tails! Players take