M&D Human Body Magnetic Dressup

Better than x-ray vision, this magnetic wooden figure is a fantastic learning aid! Help children visualise the skeleton, internal organs,

Magnetic Traffic Transport

A magnetic puzzle box that assists in the learning and recognition of different types of vehicles and modes of transport!

Cursive Lower Case Magnatab by Kid O

Let the magnetic pen be your quill while learning the art of cursive handwriting. Use the directional arrows and trace

Tiger Tribe Patternation Eco City

Inspired by the practice of sustainable urban design, Patternation Eco-City introduces children to sustainability in a fun and engaging way.

Magna Carry Party Play Book Tiger Tribe

Magna Carry – Party pumps up the fun factor with a delightfully illustrated fold out, magnetic play scene, ready to

Tiger Tribe Magna Carry Space Play Book

Blast your little astronaut out into the solar system with a fantastically illustrated fold out, magnetic play scene. Fly rockets

Tiger Tribe Magna Pics Shapes

A modern take on the classic tangram puzzle. The task at hand? To arrange the magnetic tangram-style shapes to fit the

M&D Numbers Magnets in a Box 37pc

Enough numerals to count from zero through twenty and five math signs in a convenient wooden case.  37 colorful magnetic

Geosmart Lunar Rover

GeoSmart GeoSmart is the future of geomagnetic play. An ideal STEM magnetic construction set, GeoSmart enables fun learning at home

Smartmax Magnetic Discovery Sound & Sense

  SMARTMAX – Magnetic Discovery Building toy Magnetic Discovery – from a very young age! SMARTMAX magnetic balls and bars

Mighty Magnets Primary Science Learning Resources

Big science for little hands.  Children can use this strong magnet to explore magnetic forces and learn about magnetism.  Ages

M&D Wooden Farm Magnets in a Box 20pc

Easy to position and reposition again and again on any magnetic surface, these 20 wooden magnets offer endless farm-themed creative

M&D Dinosaur Magnets in a Box 20pc

Twenty magnetic dinosaurs eager to play in the twenty-first century! Bright colours add excitement to this dino collection contained in

Quercetti Magnetic Numbers 48 Pc

Quercetti Magnetic Numbers have a ridged surface ideal for children to run their fingers over to trace a number. Includes

Quercetti Magnetic Uppercase Letters 48pc

Quercetti Magnetic Uppercase Letters are made from plastic and have a ridged surface ideal for children to run their fingers

Djeco DJ1652 Magnetic Tropical Fishing

Colourful tropical fish feature in this fantastic wooden magnetic fishing game. Suitable for ages: 2+ Years      

Tiger Tribe Magna Carry Unicorn Kingdom

Unicorn Kingdom transports your little one to a magical rainbow world with an illustrated fold magnetic play scene. Meet unicorns

Magna Carry Jungle Play Book Tiger Tribe

Lions and tigers and bears, oh my! What will you discover in the jungle? There's so much fun to be

Magna Carry Mermaid Cove Play Book

Bring your own underwater paradise to life with Tiger Tribe's Magna Carry – Mermaid Cove. Filled with beautifully illustrated ocean

Magna Carry Ballet Concert Play Book Tiger Tribe

With Tiger Tribe's Magna Carry – Ballet Concert, you can set up your very own theatre at home! Dress up