Writing Activities

Cursive Lower Case Magnatab by Kid O

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Let the magnetic pen be your quill while learning the art of cursive handwriting. Use the directional arrows and trace

Chunky ABC Puzzle with Tracing Stylus

A useful puzzle for helping children to become familiar with the alphabet, and with the role of letters in the

Colours, Shapes and Numbers: Write & Wipe Flash Cards

The Write & Wipe Flash Card designs are based on the Australian curriculum. Each title includes 65 double-sided laminated cards

Hape ABC Magnetic Letters

Recognising and memorising the sounds and letters of the alphabet can be enjoyable with these different coloured letters. Enhance hand-eye

TOMY MegaSketcher Classic

Children love to draw and the Tomy Megasketcher needs no pencils to sharpen and there's no mess. A great product