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EverEarth Discovery Blocks With Sound

Promote sensory development and hand-eye coordination through play . Perform various optical and acoustic functions. 7 blocks with motifs. 3

Schylling Tin Kaleidoscope

The classic tin Kaleidoscope for kids, just twist and experience a vibrant light show  Each turn creates a magical, intricate

Dena Pastel Rainbow 6pc

Have you ever thought of a toy that grows and evolves with your baby? dëna has made it possible by

FatBrain Squigz 2.0 36pc Set

uction Construction takes on a whole new dimension! They're just like the original Squigz: Push them together to build wiggly, wobbly

FatBrain Shake N Make Dice

MINI DICE GAME of rolling to make the best number combination; Fast-paced and easy to learn! SIMPLE RULES; Roll dice

FatBrain Whirly Squigz

Send your little explorer twirling and whirling into a delightful sensory adventure! Each Whirly Squigz is made of 100% high-quality

FatBrain Squigz Deluxe 50pc Set

quigz are fun little suckers! Apply pressure to two Squigz. Air rushes out and the fun rushes in! Connecting to

Fat Brain Silly Rings

Sensory fascination so fun it's silly! Each ring is covered in a soft, rubbery material, features unique textures for the

FatBrain Pip Squigz Ringlets

Great silicone gripping toys for sticking together. Connect them to anything and let your little one explore! 6 silicone rings

FatBrain InnyBin

INNOVATIVE SHAPE SORTER: This Fat Brain learning toy encourages shape sorting and colour recognition as it comes with 6 chunky,

FatBrain Pip Squigz Loops 6m+

A large, vibrant silicone suction cup toy for baby, bursting with thrilling sensory experiences vivid textures, clacking rings, fun rattling

FatBrain Mini Squigz 75 Pcs

Mini Squigz 40%smaller and all about freedom of expressive construction while boosting fine motor skills to whole new heights. Made

Smartivity Fantastic Optics Kaleidoscope

Watch your beloved little one explore the wonders of Light and Colours with Fantastic Optics Kaleidoscope. Create your own kaleidoscope

Schylling Star Dust Nee Doh Stress Ball

This stress ball will help you mellow out! Feeling Stressed? Then you knead Nee-Doh! Grab a glob and give a

Smiley Stress Ball

Smiley Face Stress Reliefe Ball.

Bionic Putty Small

Stretch it! Sculpt it! Bounce it! Snap it! Available in Fluorescent Pink, Glow in the Dark, Colour Changing Green, Colour

Tangle Classic Palm Sensory Toy

Twisty inspiration in the palm of your hands! The NEW Palm Tangle is the latest addition to the Tangle family

Tangle Therapy Sensory Toy

This twistable therapy device is an ergonomic approach to hand therapy, minor stress relief, smoking cessation, building fine motor skills,

IS Kaleidoscope Buzzing Bee

Twist to experience a display of beautiful buzzing bees. These kaleidoscopes come in three beautiful, assorted styles.   WARNING:  DO

Djeco DJ9755 Introduction To Dough Set

This set is a great introduction to modelling dough! This handy pack includes a press that creates stands of long modelling

Green Sensory Magic Sand with Moulds 600g

Educational Colours Sensory Magic Sand is perfect for creating crisp and precise designs and models! Children can use their imagination

Pink Sensory Cotton Sand 700g

Educational Colours Cotton Sand is a fun and exciting sensory activity for children. The unique sand-like texture can be stretched,