World of Fantasy

Schleich Bayala 70567 Fairy Marween with Glitter Unicorn

The Schleich figures are modelled with attention to detail, painted with care, and provide educationally valuable playtime. Unicorns are actually

Schleich 42493 Fire Bull

Uh oh: that smouldering in his eyes spells trouble. The fire bull is always in attack mode! Which is no

Schleich 42496 Armoured Turtle With Weapon

This humpbacked colossus with its ferocious gaze is a master of deception: many foes think that the armoured turtle is

Schleich 42513 Plant Monster

With its movable creeper tentacles, the plant monster from Schleich Eldrador Creatures wanders almost unnoticed through the dense growth of the jungle

Schleich 70142 Lava Scorpion

Incredibly dangerous – and very patient: the lava scorpion lurks well hidden in the rugged rocks of the lava world,

Schleich 70141 Stone Monster

When the fierce colossus moves, all of Eldrador shakes! The stone monster may not be particularly fast or clever, but

Schleich 70146 Ice Giant

This year’s coolest toy is the Ice Giant, a frigid-to-the-bone titan from the world of Eldrador® Creatures. With an icy

Schleich 42522 Shadow Panther

The Shadow Panther from Schleich® Eldrador® Creatures is a master of camouflage and surprise. It lurks in the jungle undergrowth

Schleich 70144 Jungle Creature

The king of the jungle emerges from the depths of the forest to put his enemies in their place with

Schleich 42511 Fire Eagle

The flaming fire eagle takes to the sky to provide the lava world with support from the air! The flaming

Schleich 70577 Winged Rainbow Unicorn Foal

In the mountains of Rainbow Island, there lives a winged rainbow unicorn with its foal. The two of them fly

Schleich 42521 Rock Beast

Schleich’s Rock Beast is a wild Eldrador creature living in the caves and crags of rocky areas. This beastie is