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Schleich 13825 Rooster

All fowl have a crest on their head. It consists of a flap of skin and is particularly large and

Schleich 13794 Pinto Stallion

Pintos are piebald horses, known especially as “Indians” and Western horses. Fun Fact:”Pinto” is Spanish, meaning “painted”.

Schleich 13735 Shire Mare

Shire horses are the world’s largest horses. These giant horses can measure more than 2 metres in height Fun Fact

Schleich 13882 Sheep

Sheep have a cuddly wool that protects them from the cold in winter. But why does wool actually stay so

Schleich 13883 Lamb

Sheep that are not older than one year are referred to as lambs. A few days after birth, their wool

Schleich 13881 Texas Longhorn Calf

Analogous to its name, the Texas Longhorn bull has handlebar-like horns on its head. Fun Fact – The horns of

Schleich 13869 Morgan Horse Stallion

The Schleich figures are modelled with attention to detail, hand-painted with care, and provide educationally valuable playtime. The Morgan horse

Schleich 16831 German Shepherd

The German shepherd is one of the cleverest breeds of dog, with only the border collie and the poodle being

Schleich 13782 Pig

The domestic pig is descended from the wild boar. By breeding, around 70 breeds have been created in different colours

Schleich 13783 Piglet Standing

Piglets are born with numerous siblings. Usually a litter comprises 10-14 animals. Fun Fact:Sows sing to their piglets while they

Schleich 42408 Adventure Tree House

The two farmer family children, Ben and Sarah, can lark about, play and picnic for hours in the Schleich® tree

Schleich 42334 Barn with Accessories

The farmer is standing in his new barn and watching his animals intently: the cow and her calf have already