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LEGO City 60317 Police Chase At The Bank

Endless action awaits with this LEGO® City Police Chase at the Bank (60317) playset, featuring a function-packed bank building, a

LEGO City 60330 Hospital

This LEGO® City Hospital (60330) toy playset is packed with inspiring features for imaginative play, including a front desk with

LEGO City 60279 Fire Hazard Truck

Bring excitement to kids’ play any day with this LEGO® City Fire Hazard Truck (60279) playset. They can steer the

LEGO CITY 60349 Lunar Space Station

Send creative play into orbit with the LEGO City Lunar Space Station (60349) playset. This NASA-inspired space toy comes with

LEGO City 60311 Fire Stunt Bike

Fire up kids’ play with this flywheel-powered LEGO® City Fire Stunt Bike (60311) playset, featuring an awesome toy motorcycle for

LEGO City 60283 Holiday Camper Van

Boys and girls can travel wherever their imaginations take them with this LEGO® City Holiday Camper Van (60283) playset. The

LEGO City 60312 Police Car

Introduce kids to a world of fun and excitement with this LEGO® City Police Car (60312) playset, featuring a sporty

LEGO City 60316 Police Station

This 3-level LEGO® City Police Station (60316) toy is packed with inspiring details, including a jail with a breakout function,

LEGO City 60315 Police Mobile Command Truck

Kids can create their own LEGO® City Adventures TV series stories with the LEGO City Police Mobile Command Truck (60315)

LEGO City 60326 Picnic In The Park

This LEGO® City Picnic in the Park (60326) toy building set features a park setting with a tree and picnic

LEGO City 60343 Rescue Helicopter Transport

This LEGO® City Rescue Helicopter Transport (60343) playset features an iconic red truck with an articulated flatbed trailer and fold-out

LEGO City 60328 Beach Lifeguard Station

Sunny days are never far away with the LEGO® City Beach Lifeguard Station (60328) toy playset, featuring a 2-level building

LEGO City 60325 Cement Truck Mixer

Put children’s imaginations to work with the LEGO® City Cement Mixer Truck (60325). This toy construction vehicle, featuring an opening

LEGO City 60320 Fire Station

The 3-level LEGO® City Fire Station (60320) houses a control room, firefighters’ quarters, reception and garage, plus a helicopter that

LEGO City 60296 Wheelie Stunt Bike

Kids can enjoy hours of action-packed fun with this flywheel-powered LEGO® City Wheelie Stunt Bike (60296) playset, featuring a cool

LEGO City 60309 Selfie Stunt Bike

Kids who love action-packed toys will love this flywheel-powered LEGO® City Selfie Stunt Bike (60309) playset, featuring an awesome motorbike

LEGO City 60322 Race Car

Introduce kids to a world of fun and excitement with this LEGO® City Race Car (60322) toy playset, featuring an

LEGO City 60318 Fire Helicopter

Introduce younger kids to the exciting world of LEGO® City with the LEGO City Fire Helicopter (60318) playset, featuring a

LEGO City 60324 Mobile Crane

Here’s a great playset for kids with a fascination for construction vehicles. The LEGO® City Mobile Crane (60324) is packed

LEGO City 60310 Chicken Stunt Bike

This action-packed flywheel-powered LEGO® City Chicken Stunt Bike (60310) playset comes with an amazing toy motorcycle for performing cool wheelies

LEGO City 60314 Ice Cream Truck Police Chase

Kids get to create scenes from the LEGO® City Adventures TV series with this LEGO City Ice Cream Truck Police

LEGO City 60323 Stunt Plane

Send kids’ imaginations soaring with this LEGO® City Stunt Plane (60323) playset, featuring a colorful toy jet with large tail

LEGO City 60319 Fire Rescue & Police Chase

Kids who like action-packed play will love the LEGO® City Fire Rescue & Police Chase (60319) playset. It’s packed with

LEGO City 60293 Stunt Park

• Set the scene for exciting action-packed play with this LEGO® City Stunt Park (60293) playset, featuring a flywheel-powered stunt

LEGO City 60294 Stunt Show Truck

• Set the scene for action-packed play with this premium-quality LEGO® City Stunt Show Truck (60294) toy playset, including a