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LEGO Classic 11017 Creative Monsters

Kids, friends and families can enjoy endless hours of creative fun with this LEGO® Classic Creative Monsters (11017) playset. It

LEGO CLASSIC 11018 Creative Ocean Fun

Introduce youngsters to the open-ended world of imaginative play with the LEGO® Classic Creative Ocean Fun (11018) toy playset, featuring

LEGO Classic 11019 Bricks & Functions V29

The LEGO® Classic Bricks and Functions (11019) building set comes with a colorful selection of LEGO pieces and instructions to

LEGO Classic 11012 Creative White Bricks

The LEGO® Classic Creative White Bricks (11012) playset is bursting with ideas and inspiration to unlock kids’ creative potential. Little

LEGO Classic 11015 Around the World

  The LEGO® Classic Around the World (11015) playset comes with 15 build ideas based on iconic animals and objects

LEGO Classic 11014 Bricks and Wheels

  This impressive LEGO® Classic Bricks and Wheels (11014) toy building set makes a great gift for kids who love

LEGO Classics 11013 Creative Transparent Bricks

The LEGO® Classic Creative Transparent Bricks (11013) building set features a dazzling array of transparent LEGO pieces in all kinds

LEGO Classic 11006 Creative Blue Bricks

An exciting mix of blue LEGO® bricks to inspire kids aged 4 and over to build, create and imagine. With

LEGO Classic 10701 Gray Baseplate

Add another useful piece to your LEGO collection with this Gray Baseplate!   Whether you’re creating a street scene, castle,

LEGO Classic 10700 Green Baseplate

Whether you’re creating a garden, forest, or something of your own imagination, this green-colored 32×32-stud baseplate is the perfect starting

LEGO Classic 11003 Bricks and Eyes

Create fun characters and bring personality to your LEGO® creations with this LEGO Classic 11003 Bricks and Eyes set, featuring

LEGO Classic 11007 Creative Green Bricks

This timeless building toy is bursting with ideas and inspiration in gorgeous green! As kids build, play and build again,

LEGO Classic 10713 Creative Suitcase

Create, play and pack neatly away with this smart and convenient LEGO® Classic 10713 Creative Suitcase, featuring a selection of

LEGO Classic 11002 Basic Brick Set

Discover timeless creative fun with this charming LEGO® Classic 11002 Basic Brick Set. Choose from a selection of bright and

LEGO Classic 10696 Medium Creative Brick Box

Designed with builders of all ages in mind, this collection of LEGO® bricks in 35 different colors will encourage open-ended

LEGO Classic 10693 Creative Supplement

Get busy building whatever you imagine with this colorful set of LEGO® bricks in different shapes and sizes! From space

LEGO Classic 11010 White Baseplate

This 32×32-stud baseplate gives LEGO® builders a solid white base for creative construction, an inspiring landscape for imaginative play and

LEGO Classic 10698 Large Creative Brick Box

Build up a storm with this big box of classic LEGO® bricks in 33 different colors. With lots of different

LEGO Classic 10714 Blue Baseplate

Whether you are creating a seaside town, sunny swimming pool, ship at sea or something else from your imagination, this

LEGO Classic 11008 Bricks & Houses

Children understand the importance of ‘home’ very early in their lives – so this LEGO® Classic Bricks and Houses set