LEGO Minecraft 21255 The Nether Portal Ambush

Bring the hugely popular Minecraft® game to life with this action-packed Nether portal toy. LEGO® Minecraft The Nether Portal Ambush

LEGO Minecraft 21257 The Devourer Showdown

The Devourer Showdown (21257) is the first-ever LEGO® Minecraft Legends® set. Featuring the most disgusting (and beloved by kids!) Minecraft®

LEGO Minecraft 21253 The Animal Sanctuary

LEGO® Minecraft® The Animal Sanctuary (21253) is a versatile brick building gift idea for gamers and kids. The toy includes

LEGO Minecraft 21254 The Turtle Beach House

This model house shaped like a Minecraft® turtle is packed inside and out with Minecraft action and animal fun. With

LEGO Minecraft 21246 The Deep Dark Battle

LEGO® Minecraft® The Deep Dark Battle (21246) takes players aged 8 and up on an adventure filled with all the

LEGO Minecraft 21252 The Armory

Minecraft® players aged 7 and up will love to get hands-on with the Minecraft weapons and features in The Armory

LEGO Minecraft 21251 Steves Desert Expedition

This LEGO® Minecraft® toy for players aged 6+ is the first building toy for kids located in the Minecraft desert

LEGO Minecraft 21250 The Iron Golem Fortress

LEGO® Minecraft® The Iron Golem Fortress (21250) has a hidden surprise: the impressive structure transforms into towering giant, providing awesome

LEGO Minecraft 21249 The Crafting Box 4.0

LEGO® Minecraft® The Crafting Box 4.0 (21249) puts 2 standout playsets and endless free-building fun into the hands of Minecraft

LEGO Minecraft 21245 The Panda Haven

LEGO® Minecraft® The Panda Haven (21245) is the ultimate fun toy for Minecraft players with a passion for pandas. This

LEGO Minecraft 21186 The Ice Castle

The magnificent LEGO® Minecraft® The Ice Castle (21186) puts all the creativity, action and reconfigurable fun of the Minecraft game

LEGO Minecraft 21179 The Mushroom House

Take Minecraft® players aged 8+ into another dimension with the hands-on LEGO® Minecraft The Mushroom House (21179) – a great

LEGO Minecraft 21178 The Fox Lodge

A variety of cool characters, authentic accessories and endless play possibilities make LEGO® Minecraft® The Fox Lodge (21178) an ideal