LEGO 43211 Auroras Castle

Appeal to young children aged 4+ and boost their building skills with this LEGO® ǀ Disney Aurora’s Castle (43211) construction

LEGO 41727 Dog Rescue Center

Little dog lovers aged 7 and up will have lots of fun creating their own pup-inspired tales with this LEGO® Friends

LEGO 41752 Sea Rescue Plane

Kids who love creative storytelling have lots to discover in this LEGO® Friends Sea Rescue Plane (41752) set for ages

LEGO 41749 Newsroom Van

Kids who love role play and wildlife will find lots of inspiration in this LEGO® Friends Newsroom Van (41749) set

LEGO 41747 Heartlake City Community Kitchen

Little chefs aged 8+ can dream up delicious adventures at the LEGO® Friends Heartlake City Community Kitchen (41747). This building

LEGO 41746 Horse Training

Kids aged 4 and up who love horses and animal care can create lots of imaginative stories with this LEGO®

LEGO 41737 Beach Amusement Park

This LEGO® Friends set has been designed with older kids in mind and offers an advanced building challenge with lots

LEGO 41745 Autumns Horse Stable

Give little horse lovers ages 7 and up a treat with this LEGO® Friends Autumn’s Horse Stable (41745) buildable toy.

LEGO 41734 Sea Rescue Boat

Kids who care about the natural world can learn about ocean life with this detailed LEGO® Friends Sea Rescue Boat

LEGO 41757 Botanical Garden

Inspire kids to learn more about plants and flowers with this detailed LEGO® Friends Botanical Garden (41757) set for ages

LEGO Friends 41741 Dog Rescue Van

Animal lovers ages 6+ will enjoy rescuing and caring for this adorable pup! The LEGO® Friends Dog Rescue Van (41741)

LEGO Friends 41738 Dog Rescue Bike

Pet-loving kids aged 6 and up can enjoy endless role-play adventures with this LEGO® Friends Dog Rescue Bike (41738) building

LEGO Friends 41726 Holiday Camping Trip

Introduce kids aged 4+ to the fun of camping with this LEGO® Friends Holiday Camping Trip (41726) set. Young builders

LEGO Friends 41713 Olivias Space Academy

Send budding astronauts’ love of space stratospheric with Olivia’s Space Academy (41713). Kids aged 8+ join LEGO® Friends characters to

LEGO Friends 41449 Andrea’s Family House

  For a gift with real impact, try LEGO® Friends Andrea’s Family House (41449). Fantastically detailed, from the solar panels

LEGO Friends 41718 Pet Day-Care Center

Know someone who’s mad about four-legged friends? Treat animal-loving kids aged 7+ with a gift of the Pet Day-Care Center

LEGO Friends 41699 Pet Adoption Cafe

Help kids give animals a home with the LEGO® Friends Pet Adoption Café (41699) collectible toy. Animal-loving kids aged 6

LEGO Friends 41709 Vacation Beach House

  Let kids aged 7+ relive happy holidays with the LEGO® Friends Vacation Beach House (41709) playset. It’s packed full

LEGO Friends 41703 Friendship Tree House

Help kids explore what they can achieve when working as a team with Friendship Tree House (41703) toy. Kids aged

LEGO Friends 41695 Pet Clinic

Let kids aged 4+ express their love of animals as they imagine caring for an injured cat in the 2-story

LEGO Friends 41684 Heartlake City Grand Hotel

Looking for a glamorous gift to impress a creative kid? The Heartlake City Grand Hotel (41684) toy will surprise and

LEGO Friends 41433 Party Boat

The Party Boat (41433) transports kids to the beach where they can lose themselves in hours of seashore fun. This