LEGO Technic 42154 2022 Ford GT

Discover amazing attention to detail and iconic good looks all wrapped up in an immersive project for adults with the

LEGO Technic 42159 Yamaha MT-10 SP

Here’s a project to thrill adult motorcycle fans. This LEGO® Technic Yamaha MT-10 SP (42159) model pays tribute to the

LEGO Technic 42161 Lamborghini Huracán Tecnica

Kids aged 9 and up can enjoy a rewarding building project as they assemble all the details of this realistic

LEGO Technic 42160 Audi RS Q e-tron

Kids who love rally cars can put their skills to the test as they build this LEGO® Technic™ Audi RS

LEGO NASA 42158 Mars Rover Perseverance

Give kids an adventure to remember as they build a LEGO® Technic™ toy version of NASA’s Mars Perseverance Rover (42158).

LEGO Technic 42144 Material Handler

Know a kid who loves mechanics and engineering? They’ll love this LEGO® Technic™ Material Handler (42144) for ages 10+. Designed

LEGO Technic 42153 NASCAR® Next Gen Chevrolet Camaro ZL1

Here’s a challenging project for kids aged 9 and up who love race cars! They’ll enjoy learning new skills as

LEGO Technic 42149 Monster Jam Dragon

Kids aged 7+ who love Monster Jam™ have lots to discover with this LEGO® Technic™ Monster Jam Dragon™ (42149) pull-back

LEGO Technic 42151 Bugatti Bolide

Inspire kids aged 9 and up to build their own race car model with this LEGO® Technic™ Bugatti Bolide (42151)

LEGO Technic 42147 Dump Truck

Looking for a treat for construction site fans? Kids aged 7 and up will love building and playing with this

LEGO Technic 42145 Airbus H175 Rescue Helicopter

Inquisitive kids aged 11 and up will love learning how a helicopter works with this LEGO® Technic™ Airbus H175 Rescue

LEGO Technic 42141 McLaren Formula 1 Team Racer 2022

Remove all distractions. Channel your competitor's focus. It’s time to build a highly detailed LEGO® Technic McLaren Formula 1™ Race

LEGO Technic 42138 Ford Mustang Shelby GT500

Let kids aged 9 and up build their own drag race car toy with this thrilling LEGO® Technic™ Ford Mustang

LEGO Technic 42132 Motorcycle

Know a kid who loves motorcycles? Give them a treat with this fun 2-in-1 LEGO® Technic™ Motorcycle toy that rebuilds

LEGO Technic 42122 Jeep Wrangler

Any vehicle-loving kid would be proud to own a high-performance 4X4. Now you can make that dream a reality with

LEGO Powered Up 88014 Technic XL Motor

Power up LEGO® Technic™ creations with the LEGO Powered Up Technic XL Motor (88014). Whether turning wheels or lifting heavy

LEGO Powered Up 88013 Technic Large Motor

Breathe life into LEGO® Technic™ creations with the LEGO Powered Up Technic Large Motor (88013). Whether it's powering a steering

LEGO Powered Up 88012 Technic Hub

Bring LEGO® Technic™ creations to life with the LEGO Powered Up Technic Hub (88012). This advanced control unit features an